Controversial Vote on Multi-Family Housing Puts Milton Residents at Odds over Affordability and Traffic Concerns

Milton, Massachusetts residents are facing a divisive decision as they prepare to vote on a controversial plan for multi-family housing. The proposal, which would create a zoning area for affordable housing near public transportation, has pitted neighbors against each other. The vote will determine whether Milton will join other municipalities in complying with the MBTA Communities Act, a state law that requires cities and towns served by the T to develop affordable housing without a special permit.

Originally scheduled for Tuesday, the vote was delayed due to a storm system. Under the plan, nearly 2,500 new housing units would be added to Milton. However, many residents are opposed to the idea, fearing that the town’s already dense population would be burdened even further. Others are concerned about the potential increase in traffic.

The repercussions for non-compliance with the MBTA Communities Act have already been made clear. The Healey administration announced that municipalities failing to comply may have state grant programs taken away. Attorney General Andrea Campbell has additionally threatened legal action against any town that votes against the plan.

Polls opened at 8 a.m. and will close at 7 p.m., with results expected to be announced on Wednesday night. This vote carries significant implications not only for Milton but also for the ongoing debate surrounding affordable housing and public transit in Massachusetts.