New Draft Legislation Puts Americans in Control of Personal Data Privacy

Washington, D.C. – Lawmakers from both political parties have taken a significant step towards giving Americans more control over their personal data and its usage by tech companies. After years of deliberation, draft national privacy legislation has been released by lawmakers from two congressional committees. The proposed bill, known as the American Privacy Rights Act, includes various policies that aim to empower internet users in the data sharing process. One of the key provisions of the legislation is the establishment of a national standard that allows individuals to determine where their personal information is sent. … Read more

New California Law Puts an End to Surprise Ambulance Bills, Protects Consumers

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A new law in California is aiming to protect consumers from surprise ambulance bills by implementing stricter regulations. Under the recently enacted legislation, patients will now be charged no more than their in-network cost for ambulance services. The law also includes provisions to limit charges for uninsured individuals to the Medi-Cal or Medicare rates. These measures are intended to provide consumers with greater transparency and financial protection when it comes to emergency medical transportation. Katie Van Deynze, a policy and legislative advocate for Health Access California, explained that the new law … Read more

Landmark Ruling Empowers Hawaii Doctors to Make Independent Medical Decisions, Puts Patients First

HONOLULU, Hawaii – A recent court ruling against Hawaii’s largest health insurer, Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA), has the potential to grant more autonomy to doctors in the state when it comes to making medical decisions. The ruling, delivered by a judge in Big Island, deemed HMSA’s contracts with its doctors as “unconscionable” and unenforceable. While HMSA is currently appealing the decision, this rare legal victory is being celebrated by doctors and families who have often faced denials of necessary care from the insurer. One such family is that of Scott Norton, a Big Island … Read more

Controversial Vote on Multi-Family Housing Puts Milton Residents at Odds over Affordability and Traffic Concerns

Milton, Massachusetts residents are facing a divisive decision as they prepare to vote on a controversial plan for multi-family housing. The proposal, which would create a zoning area for affordable housing near public transportation, has pitted neighbors against each other. The vote will determine whether Milton will join other municipalities in complying with the MBTA Communities Act, a state law that requires cities and towns served by the T to develop affordable housing without a special permit. Originally scheduled for Tuesday, the vote was delayed due to a storm system. Under the plan, nearly 2,500 … Read more