Controversy Surrounds Johnson’s Pond Emergency Action as Town Lawyer Questions Timing

Coventry, Rhode Island – The owners of Johnson’s Pond are claiming that emergency action is necessary to address concerns about the pond’s dam. However, the town’s lawyer is questioning the timing of this claim. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is currently involved in a legal dispute with the owners over lease terms.

The owners, Soscia Holdings, have expressed their concerns about the dam, citing reports from their consultant, Soscia Architects and Engineers, Inc. They argue that the spillway is in poor condition and poses a risk of failure.

On the other hand, the town lawyer, Patrick Dougherty, has called the timing of the owners’ claims “dubious.” He believes that this is an attempt by the owners to gain leverage in the ongoing lawsuit with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.

The town of Coventry has stated that they are monitoring the situation closely and will take appropriate action if necessary. They have also pointed out that the dam is not owned by the town, but by the owners of Johnson’s Pond.

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has yet to comment on the owners’ claims. However, they have previously raised concerns about the condition of the dam and have requested repairs from the owners.

Johnson’s Pond is a popular recreational spot in Coventry, known for fishing and boating activities. The owners’ claims have raised concerns among local residents who frequent the pond.

As the legal battle between the owners and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management continues, the future of Johnson’s Pond remains uncertain. It remains to be seen whether emergency action will be taken to address the concerns about the dam’s condition.