Controversy Surrounds San Diego Mayoral Candidate Over Residency Issue

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A lawsuit has been filed against San Diego mayoral candidate Larry Turner, claiming that he is not a full-time resident of the city. This allegation has raised questions about his eligibility as a candidate in the upcoming election, according to court documents.

Turner is one of six candidates running to unseat current Mayor Todd Gloria. However, none of his opponents have managed to gain significant campaign funds or attention. The primary election on March 5 will determine the candidate who will face Gloria in November.

This lawsuit is not the first challenge to Turner’s residency. Previously, a political action committee supporting Gloria hired a private investigator to look into Turner’s residency claims. Turner believes that this is an attempt to eliminate his candidacy, as he is seen as the biggest threat to Gloria.

Some of Gloria’s supporters are reportedly hoping that Jane Glasson, his sole Republican challenger, will become his opponent in November, according to a recent report. The allegations against Turner suggest that he actually resided in El Cajon at the time he entered the mayoral race, claiming a downtown property owned by his campaign manager as his residency.

In other news, two housing development projects in North County are attempting to make a comeback after being previously rejected, according to reports. Baldwin & Sons is revisiting a 485-unit apartment complex proposal in Encinitas that was halted due to the discovery of a wetland on the property. Residents have expressed opposition to the project.

Meanwhile, in Carlsbad, a developer is proposing a four-story project with retail space on the ground floor and residential units above it. The City Council had blocked a similar project from the same developer in 2018, with residents arguing that it does not align with the surrounding area. However, new councilmembers will have the final say on the project.

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