San Mateo County Faces Growing Concerns Over Restaurant Waste Management, Grand Jury Finds

San Mateo, CA – Local authorities are grappling with a problem that seems mundane yet has far-reaching implications for public health and urban sanitation: restaurant waste management. In San Mateo County, an investigation by a grand jury has highlighted a troubling trend where inadequate disposal practices in restaurants are contributing to environmental degradation and public nuisances such as odor and vermin proliferation. The grand jury report found that many eateries in the area lack proper waste containment and disposal systems. This oversight, often resulting from a combination of ignorance and negligence concerning adequate waste management … Read more

San Francisco Public Works Pressed for Greater Transparency Amid Project Delays and Overruns

San Francisco, CA – In a push for heightened accountability, the San Francisco Department of Public Works is under scrutiny to improve transparency concerning its city projects, following a recent civil grand jury’s findings. The report criticized the department for its failure to maintain regular upkeep schedules and cited numerous errors in project constructions. Over four years have passed since the arrest of former Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, which marked a moment of reckoning for the department. Accusations at the time included corruption, bribery, and undisclosed side deals by what was described as one … Read more

San Diego County Settles for $15 Million in Jail Death Lawsuit, Promises Reform After Tragic Loss of Pregnant Woman

San Diego, CA – San Diego County and its private healthcare contractor have settled for $15 million in a lawsuit following the death of Elisa Serna, a 24-year-old pregnant woman who died in custody at Las Colinas jail nearly five years ago. The settlement comes just weeks before the case was scheduled to be heard by a federal jury. Serna tragically lost her life after collapsing in her cell, a distressing event that was witnessed by a sheriff’s deputy and a medical worker who subsequently left her unattended. This forthcoming payment marks the largest wrongful-death … Read more

San Diego Nightclubs and Bars Introduce Mandatory Drug Testing Kits to Combat Drink Spiking

San Diego, California – A significant move to bolster safety in nightlife venues is set to take place in San Francisco starting Monday, with San Diego County bars and nightclubs soon to offer patrons drug testing kits. This initiative, spurred by a new state law, targets the unsettling concern of drink spiking—an act often linked to sexual assaults. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has mandated that all establishments holding a Type 48 license, which permits the service of alcohol without food to customers over 21, equip themselves with these testing devices. The … Read more