Defence Lawyers Claim Prince Andrew’s Accuser’s Bathtub Story Doesn’t Hold Water

Albany, New York – Defense lawyers representing Prince Andrew in the ongoing legal battle surrounding his alleged involvement with Jeffrey Epstein have claimed that a bathtub where it was claimed the Prince had sex with an underage woman was too small for such activity. The argument was raised in the latest batch of unsealed documents detailing Epstein’s associates.

Attorney Phillip Barden, in his testimony, referred to the claims made by Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s alleged victims. According to Barden, Giuffre’s statements regarding her interactions with Prince Andrew were conflicting. He pointed out that she initially denied having sex with the Prince but later claimed that it occurred in a small bathtub, too small for someone of his size to enjoy.

Associates of Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of Epstein, previously attempted to debunk the bathtub allegation by releasing a photograph depicting two individuals sitting in the bathclothed, wearing masks representing the Prince and Giuffre. The photograph was released in response to Prince Andrew’s attempt to overturn the settlement he reached with Giuffre.

The newly unsealed documents also highlighted debunked allegations involving sex tapes allegedly featuring Prince Andrew, former president Bill Clinton, and Richard Branson. These allegations were made by Epstein victim Sarah Ransome, who later admitted to inventing the tapes as a means to draw attention to Epstein’s behavior.

Prince Andrew has consistently denied any wrongdoing and has vehemently denied Giuffre’s accusations of sexual assault. The ongoing legal battle continues to shed light on the intricate web of associations surrounding Epstein and his alleged victims.

In summary, defense lawyers representing Prince Andrew argue that the bathtub where he was alleged to have had sex with an underage woman was too small for such activity. The claims made by Giuffre and the subsequent attempts to debunk the allegations further complicate the ongoing legal battle. Prince Andrew maintains his denial of any wrongdoing. The revelations continue to shed light on the complex network of individuals associated with Epstein.