Liver Damage Lawsuit Ends in Landmark $130 Million Verdict Against Bottled Water Manufacturer

Las Vegas, Nevada – A Nevada jury has awarded approximately $130 million in damages to five individuals who suffered liver damage after consuming bottled water sold by a Las Vegas-based company. The product was later recalled from store shelves in 2021. The Clark County District Court jury granted over $30 million in compensatory damages and an additional $100 million in punitive damages to the plaintiffs, including Myles Hunwardsen, who underwent a liver transplant at the age of 29. This marks the second large-sum award in a negligence and product liability case involving Inc. and … Read more

Doña Ana County Residents Take Legal Action Against CRRUA for Unresolved Water Scandal

Doña Ana County residents residing in Sunland Park and Santa Teresa, New Mexico have taken legal action against the Camino Real Regional Utility Authority (CRRUA) over unresolved water issues. The residents have filed a lawsuit seeking justice and holding the utility company accountable for their alleged negligence. After several months of grappling with water problems, including the imposition of a hefty penalty of nearly $300,000 on CRRUA, the affected residents have decided to take legal recourse. Concerns have been raised about the presence of harmful substances, such as arsenic, in the water supply. Residents claim … Read more

Nevada Jury Awards $130 Million in Landmark Lawsuit Against Real Water: A Critical Wake-up Call for Product Safety in the Bottled Water Industry

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – A Nevada jury has reached a landmark verdict in a case of negligence and product liability, awarding approximately $130 million in damages to five plaintiffs who suffered liver damage after consuming bottled water marketed by Inc. and its Real Water brand. This ruling has significant implications for the bottled water industry, shedding light on the importance of product safety and quality control. The Real Water brand, known for its premium treated ‘alkalized’ drinking water with detoxifying properties, was sold in distinctive blue boxy bottles. Marketed extensively through social media and … Read more

Landmark Verdict: Nevada Jury Grants $130M Compensation for Liver Damage Caused by Bottled Water

Las Vegas, Nevada – Five individuals have been awarded a staggering $130 million by a Nevada jury after experiencing liver damage from consuming bottled water. The verdict, reached on [Date], marks a significant legal win for the plaintiffs, who will receive compensation for their suffering. The case centered around the claim that the plaintiffs’ liver damage was caused by the consumption of a certain brand of bottled water. While the specific brand was not mentioned in the court proceedings, the jurors firmly believed that it was responsible for the health issues faced by the individuals. … Read more