Disney’s Lawsuit Against Gov. DeSantis Dismissed: Attorneys Share Insights on the Battle for Control

Orange County, Florida – Disney’s attempt to reclaim control of its special taxing district has been dealt a blow as a judge dismissed the company’s lawsuit against Florida Governor DeSantis and the state legislature. The lawsuit, known as “Disney v. DeSantis,” was filed after the state took over the Reedy Creek District, following Disney executives’ opposition to the Parental Rights in Education Act, also referred to as “Don’t Say Gay.”

U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor, appointed by President Trump, ruled that Disney lacked the standing to sue the governor and did not have sufficient cause to bring the lawsuit against the legislature. Legal experts specializing in government law agreed with the judge’s decision. They noted that the case against the governor was weak, as DeSantis had limited involvement in the process, primarily appointing new state-backed board members.

Disney had sought injunctive relief to halt the appointment process, but the attorneys argued that the company’s request became moot after the board members had already agreed to serve. The key aspect of the judge’s ruling was dismissing the case against other lawmakers, as long as the laws they pass are constitutional.

While sympathizing with concerns of government overreach or retaliation, one attorney stressed that going after individual or small groups without violating the constitution would be challenging for Florida. However, the ruling may serve as a warning to larger corporations. The trial court’s authority was limited, but the attorney predicted that Disney would have a stronger case when appealing the ruling before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has more latitude to consider the company’s First Amendment claims.

In contrast, the other attorney advised Disney to focus on their separate case in state court, addressing the company’s decision to strip the DeSantis-appointed board of its powers leading up to the takeover.

As the ruling by the trial court is not final, further legal battles are expected in the ongoing dispute between Disney, Gov. DeSantis, and the Florida legislature. Download our free news, weather, and smart TV apps, and stay tuned for updates on this story.