District Court Judge Brad Allen Retires Amidst Controversy: A Career of Distinction Ends Under Unfortunate Circumstances

Burlington, North Carolina – After facing potential disciplinary action from the state’s Supreme Court, district court judge Brad Allen has announced his retirement. The decision comes in the wake of alleged inappropriate actions during a bar association Christmas party on December 9. Retirement, although not an immediate consideration for the 61-year-old judge, allowed him to avoid the potentially embarrassing revelations from the state’s Judicial Standards Commission’s investigation.

By retiring “voluntarily,” Allen managed to evade the possibility of being removed from office by the high court, which could have resulted in the loss of his retirement income. This retirement income stems from his longstanding career in the judicial system, first as an assistant district attorney for over a decade, followed by 23 years as a district court judge.

While the exact details of Allen’s alleged inappropriate behavior vary among witnesses, it is generally agreed upon that his actions, which reportedly involved groping one or more women attorneys, were unacceptable. Such conduct is not only deemed inappropriate by societal standards but also runs the risk of tarnishing the reputation of the judicial office.

Although there have been explanations offered for Allen’s behavior, such as a bad reaction to mixing alcohol with new medication, the community must acknowledge and appreciate his 23-year tenure on the bench. Prior to being a judge, Allen served as an assistant district attorney and was widely regarded as one of the most impressive and effective prosecutors in Alamance County. Known for his professionalism, efficiency, and strict demeanor in the courtroom, Allen’s focus was often on the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators.

Throughout his career, Allen maintained popularity with voters and faced opponents in the elections for his four-year terms. However, he consistently secured majority support from a wide network of supporters, including many who crossed party lines to endorse him. Additionally, Allen faced the challenge of being the son of prominent and well-regarded superior court judge J.B. Allen, Jr. Throughout his career, Allen was able to establish his own reputation and demonstrate his legal expertise.

Despite his achievements, Allen’s removal as the chief district court judge, decided by the chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, undoubtedly brought disappointment and embarrassment. The incident at the Christmas party likely shattered his chances of becoming a future superior court judge.

While it is important to address the circumstances leading to Allen’s retirement, it is equally essential to recognize his long and distinguished career. As he moves forward, it is hoped that Allen and the public will remember his contributions to the judicial system, serving as a testament to his accomplishments rather than the tragic circumstances that led to his retirement.