Former Rights Lawyer Ditches Court for Compassionate Activism in New Book ‘Human Justice’

New York – “Human Justice,” a stirring new book by former attorney Human and the Lights, delves into the final trial of his 15-year career and chronicles a deep-seated conflict between corporate interests and human rights. Throughout his tenure, the author dedicated his professional life to advocating for marginalized communities, navigating the often murky waters of civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. The book raises compelling arguments about the pervasive influence of corporate values—primarily profit-driven—and their clash with sustainable, human-centric practices. These values, as presented, suggest a stark future where corporatism continues to thrive at the … Read more

Federal Appeals Court Upholds $523,327 Award to Virginia Family for Pipeline Land Seizure

Roanoke, VA — In a unanimous decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, a Virginia family’s right to fair compensation was upheld, restoring a $523,327 jury verdict. The court’s decision countered a lower court that had reduced the Terry family’s compensation by half in a dispute over land taken for a pipeline project. The involved property, an 8.37-acre tract in Roanoke County, Virginia, was appropriated by Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC under the provisions of the Natural Gas Act for the construction of a natural gas conduit stretching from West Virginia to … Read more

Karen Read Faces Court Again Amidst Contentious Legal Arguments Following Mistrial in Boyfriend’s Death Case

BOSTON — Karen Read appeared in a Boston courtroom Monday, marking her first appearance since a mistrial was declared in her high-profile murder case involving her boyfriend, a Boston police officer. The trial, which spanned two months, ended abruptly when the jury could not reach a unanimous decision, leading the judge to declare a mistrial on the fifth day of deliberations. In January 2022, Read was accused of fatally striking John O’Keefe with her SUV during a snowstorm and subsequently leaving the scene. O’Keefe, a 16-year veteran of the Boston police, was later found outside … Read more

Revisiting Judicial Battles: Is Bork’s Legacy Shaping Today’s Court Decisions?

Washington — Decades after his contentious Supreme Court nomination, Robert Bork may yet shape America’s collective future, not through a seat on the highest court, but through the enduring power of the conservative leagal principles he championed. In stark contrast to the ideological battles fought over his nomination during the Reagan era, Bork’s legal philosophies have silently permeated through the layers of U.S. law and policy, influencing both the judiciary and the general public. The term “Borked” has often been synonymously used with partisan blocking of a judicial nominee, a tactic seen across the political … Read more