Elon Musk Claims US Lawmakers Are Targeting Brazilian Lawmakers as Feud Escalates

San Francisco, CA – Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently claimed that his social media platform, X, has received a query from U.S. lawmakers about its actions in violation of Brazilian law. Musk argues that the Brazilian law is being used to target the accounts of sitting lawmakers in the country, further escalating his public feud with Brazil’s Supreme Court.

In a post on X, Musk disclosed that the company had received an inquiry from the U.S. House of Representatives regarding actions taken in Brazil that violated the country’s laws. He also accused the Brazilian Supreme Court of instructing the company to ban certain accounts and claimed there were numerous violations committed by X. Musk referred to the situation as “getting spicy.”

Although Musk did not provide specific details about the inquiry or the lawmakers involved, in a later post he alleged that X was being asked to suspend sitting members of the Brazilian parliament and many journalists. Musk continued his attack on Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, whom he called a “dictator.”

The catalyst for this feud was the Brazilian Supreme Court’s accusation that X was hosting accounts that spread misinformation. X’s Global Government Affairs team argued that some of the court orders it received were not in line with Brazil’s internet laws and constitution. The team emphasized the importance of transparency and due process in these cases.

Musk’s comments about the dispute came after he participated in an X Spaces audio chat on the matter. During the discussion, he expressed concern that X was being asked to engage in illegal activities that violated the law. He also accused the Brazilian top court of abusing its judicial power to an extreme degree. Musk indicated that X’s defiance of the court’s orders was a cautious path to protect its employees in Brazil.

The feud between Musk, X, and Brazilian authorities intensified when Musk restored the banned accounts and launched a counterattack on Justice De Moraes. In response, De Moraes initiated an investigation into Musk, accusing him of launching a disinformation campaign and obstructing justice.

According to Brazilian law, X faces a fine of $19,740.22 (BRL 100,000) for each day it fails to comply with the court’s orders.

These recent developments shed light on the ongoing dispute between Elon Musk, X, and Brazilian authorities. The clash highlights the challenges of balancing freedom of expression with legal regulations on online platforms. It also underscores the power struggles that can arise between tech billionaires and governmental institutions. As the feud continues to escalate, the ultimate resolution remains uncertain.

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