Emerging Trends in 2024: Products Liability & Mass Torts Point to AI Risks, Public Nuisance Claims, Right to Repair Debates, PFAS Lawsuits, and Changes to Expert Testimony Rule

Los Angeles, California – As we enter 2024, it is crucial to keep an eye on the emerging trends in products liability and mass torts. These developments have the potential to significantly impact the legal landscape and shape the future of litigation. Let’s explore five key trends that demand our attention this year. Firstly, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a new frontier for mass tort claims. The increased utilization of AI in various industries may lead to defects in product design or faulty code, resulting in potential mass tort litigation. As this technology … Read more

Elon Musk Claims US Lawmakers Are Targeting Brazilian Lawmakers as Feud Escalates

San Francisco, CA – Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently claimed that his social media platform, X, has received a query from U.S. lawmakers about its actions in violation of Brazilian law. Musk argues that the Brazilian law is being used to target the accounts of sitting lawmakers in the country, further escalating his public feud with Brazil’s Supreme Court. In a post on X, Musk disclosed that the company had received an inquiry from the U.S. House of Representatives regarding actions taken in Brazil that violated the country’s laws. He also accused the Brazilian … Read more

Controversial Podcast Claims Second Amendment Extends to Undocumented Immigrants: What the Gun-Rights Lawyer Has to Say

San Francisco, CA – Gun-rights lawyer Donald Kilmer made a controversial argument on a podcast, claiming that the Second Amendment protects the rights of illegal immigrants. Kilmer’s statement has sparked a debate over the interpretation of the constitutional right to bear arms and its application to non-citizens residing in the United States. During the podcast episode, Kilmer emphasized that the Second Amendment does not explicitly limit its protections to citizens only. He argued that the amendment’s language, which states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” applies to … Read more

Epiq Unveils Advanced Technology to Safeguard Class Action Claims from Fraud

NEW YORK (AP) — In anticipation of new digitization trends, Epiq, a global technology-enabled leader in the legal industry and corporations, has announced additional technology enhancements. These advancements aim to protect the integrity of class action claims by ensuring that valid claims are honored and fraudulent claims are stopped. Epiq’s proven anti-fraud process, EpiqShield™, combines technologies, people, and protocols to safeguard settlements from evolving threats. “Bad actors have increased their digital assaults on the class action claims process in recent years,” said Loree Kovach, Epiq’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Client Technology. Kovach works … Read more