Emerging Artists Awarded and Supported by Unique Warehouse Company Celebration

TOKYO, JAPAN – The TERRADA ART AWARD, a biennial contemporary art award created to support emerging artists, announced the five winners of its prestigious Jury Prizes. Mitsuo Kim, Yuma Tomiyasu, Yuki Harada, Satoshi Murakami, and yang02 were selected as the recipients in a ceremony held on January 10. The TERRADA ART AWARD stands out among other art competitions as it is uniquely founded by Warehouse TERRADA, a prominent warehouse company.

Rather than ranking the artists or awarding a grand prize, the TERRADA ART AWARD presents a Jury Award to each finalist. The jury, which carefully reviewed over 1,000 artist applications, selects one artist each and provides them with feedback, advice, and expectations for their future artistic endeavors.

In addition to the recognition, the five finalists are also granted a cash prize of 3 million yen each and the opportunity to exhibit their works at the Finalist Exhibition. The exhibition takes place at Warehouse TERRADA G3-6F, a warehouse space previously used by internationally renowned artists. The finalists are given three months to create their works, with a production budget and a large exhibition space provided to encourage originality and attract diverse audiences.

Warehouse TERRADA goes beyond awarding prizes. The finalists receive ¥100,000 worth of art materials from PIGMENT TOKYO, an art materials lab operated by Warehouse TERRADA, and a complimentary two-year usage of the company’s art storage service. By providing support for materials and storage, Warehouse TERRADA aims to facilitate the finalists’ long-term artistic activities.

The TERRADA ART AWARD 2023 Finalist Exhibition, which opened on January 10, showcases the works of the five winners. The exhibition, hosted at Warehouse TERRADA G3-6F, is scheduled to run until January 28, giving visitors ample time to admire and engage with the artists’ creations.

Let’s take a closer look at the works and comments of the five finalists: Mitsuo Kim, Yuma Tomiyasu, Yuki Harada, Satoshi Murakami, and yang02. Each artist brings a unique perspective and artistic style to the exhibition, impressing both the jury and the audience.

One of the awarded artists, Yuma Tomiyasu, received the Takahiro Kaneshima Award for her immersive installations. Her installation, “The Shift,” captivates viewers with a multi-dimensional experience. Through her work, Tomiyasu explores the inorganic nature of the warehouse space, inviting viewers to spend several minutes engrossed in its peculiar and unstable environment.

Yuki Harada, awarded the Yukie Kamiya Award, presents “Shadowing (Three self-portraits)” at the exhibition. Harada’s work examines transnational cultural motifs through the lens of ‘Pidgin English.’ His innovative combination of portraits, storytelling, and subtitles using digital technology opens up new possibilities for artistic expression.

Yang02, the recipient of the Yuki Terase Award, surprises viewers with his installation entitled “Great Emptiness.” By employing modern technology and information systems, Yang02 challenges conventional notions of art, creating a thought-provoking and cynical piece that conveys the sadness and absurdity within the art world.

Satoshi Murakami, winner of the Daito Manabe Award, showcases “Those who talk about revolution.” Inspired by a dream, Murakami’s work invites viewers to rethink the beauty and issues present in everyday life. Through his unique perspective and the use of public spaces, Murakami encourages us to see the world from new angles.

Finally, Mitsuo Kim, honored with the Meruro Washida Award, presents a tactile and mesmerizing piece called “Goodbye My Love.” Kim’s work, created using paraffin wax, captures the interconnectedness of separate elements. By melting a red wax canoe on a metal table, Kim stirs emotions and prompts viewers to contemplate the fragile and transient nature of life.

Warehouse TERRADA’s commitment to supporting artists extends beyond the award ceremony. The company offers various resources, such as art studios and shared spaces at TAC ART STUDIO, to assist artists in their production and exhibition processes. Additionally, their art materials lab, PIGMENT TOKYO, provides a space for artists to work and share their expertise.

Warehouse TERRADA’s efforts to nurture and promote artists contribute to the growth of the art industry. As Warehouse TERRADA transforms Tennoz into a thriving art district, it continues to attract artists who push the boundaries of contemporary art. The TERRADA ART AWARD Finalists Exhibition serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to supporting artistic innovation.