New Report Reveals Lack of Alimony Payment Guidelines in Wisconsin, Raising Concerns of Unfairness in Divorce Court

MADISON, Wisconsin – Divorce court proceedings regarding alimony payments in Wisconsin have lacked a defined formula, potentially resulting in unfair outcomes, according to a recent report. Custody X Change, an online firm specializing in assisting families through divorce, conducted an analysis of alimony laws across the country. The study found that only about a third of states have established formulas for determining alimony payments. In the remaining states, including Wisconsin, judges have discretion in deciding the amount without any specific guidelines. While settlement agreements are often reached before court proceedings, this is not always the case, leading to uncertainty and potential unfairness for those who cannot afford an attorney to guide them through negotiations. The report also highlighted that even among the states with formulas, only 10 have guidelines for the duration of the payments. The authors recommended implementing policies where none exist and conducting ongoing assessments of existing formulas. The lack of clear guidelines for alimony payments can have significant consequences for both parties involved in a divorce, potentially impacting their financial stability and housing situation. Despite the flexibility afforded to judges in considering various factors, such as income levels, age, and the length of the marriage, having a clear framework can help ensure fairness and predictability in alimony decisions.