Exclusive Footage Reveals Victor Godinez’s Shocking Confession in Ambulance after Shooting of Texas Trooper

Edinburg, Texas – The trial of Victor Godinez, the accused in the 2019 killing of Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Mosies Sanchez, has paused for the weekend. On the fifth day of the trial, the jury viewed two body camera videos from inside an ambulance as Godinez was transported from the scene of his arrest to a local hospital.

In the footage, Godinez can be heard yelling and whooping. He also inquires about the trooper he is alleged to have shot on April 6, 2019. Godinez admits to shooting the trooper and expresses concern for his well-being.

Despite being handcuffed, Godinez was able to move his hands inside the ambulance. The defense pointed out that he instructed the state trooper to secure his weapon, referred to as his “Sig.”

The trooper’s weapon was reportedly found next to Godinez inside the ambulance. Additionally, the defense raised the question of whether the suspect had been read his Miranda rights. The DPS trooper responded with a “no.”

Godinez faces charges of one count of capital murder and two counts of attempted capital murder for a shootout with Edinburg PD officers on the night of his arrest.

To summarize, in the trial of Victor Godinez, the jury watched body cam footage from inside an ambulance. Godinez, while handcuffed, was seen moving his hands and inquiring about the trooper he had allegedly shot. The defense raised concerns about the weapon found in the ambulance and the suspect’s Miranda rights. Godinez is facing charges of capital murder and attempted capital murder for his involvement in a shootout with Edinburg PD officers.