Federal Lawsuit Over Credit Card Late Fee Limits Returns to Texas Court

Fort Worth, Texas – A federal lawsuit challenging the new limits on credit card late fees will continue to be heard in Texas. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit decided on Friday to reverse the previous ruling by federal Judge Mark Pittman, who had moved the case to Washington, D.C. Pittman had argued that the case should not be heard in Texas since the majority of the plaintiffs and attorneys involved, as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), have ties to D.C. The lawsuit was filed by the U.S. Chamber … Read more

Texas Principals Face Criminal Charges for Using School Emails to Influence Elections

Denton, Texas – Two principals in the Denton Independent School District are facing criminal charges after allegedly violating state election laws. Lindsey Lujan, principal of Alexander Elementary School, and Jesus Lujan, principal of Borman Elementary, have been accused of using their school email accounts to urge staff to vote for candidates who oppose school choice. According to court documents, the two administrators sent emails in February encouraging staff to support candidates in the March Republican primary election who oppose Governor Greg Abbott’s school voucher plan. The emails were leaked and prompted Texas Republican Attorney General … Read more

Breaking Ground in the Garden State: Discover the Rising Success of a Texas Litigation Boutique

Newark, New Jersey – A Texas-based litigation boutique is steadily expanding its operations in the Garden State, offering specialized legal services to clients in various industries. The firm has found success by capitalizing on New Jersey’s thriving business environment and robust legal landscape. With its strategic location near major metropolitan areas like New York City and Philadelphia, Newark has become an attractive destination for legal firms looking to serve clients across different sectors. The Texas litigation boutique recognized the potential in this area and has made the decision to expand its presence, aiming to tap … Read more

Denton ISD Principals Face Criminal Charges for Electioneering Scheme: Texas AG Files Lawsuit

DENTON, Texas – Two administrators in the Denton Independent School District (ISD) are facing criminal charges for allegedly engaging in an electioneering scheme using their school emails. Jesus and Lindsay Lujan, who are husband and wife and serve as principals at different elementary schools in Denton, have been accused of emailing other staff members in February with the intention of influencing the March Republican primary election. In their emails, they urged recipients to vote for candidates who oppose Governor Greg Abbott’s school voucher plan. The Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, filed a lawsuit against Denton … Read more