Court Overturns $11 Million Verdict for Texas Spine Doctor, Citing Lack of Evidence in Confidential Files Case

COLLIN COUNTY, Texas — A state appellate court has nullified an almost $11 million award for damages that a jury had granted to Dr. Stephen Courtney, a spine specialist based in Plano. In a surprising turn of events, the Dallas’ Fifth Court of Appeals ruled against the originally awarded sum, concluding that the defendants, Dallas attorney Kelly Liebbe and Jonathan Rute, should not be held financially responsible. The litigation’s origins traced back to allegations that Liebbe and Rute improperly acquired around 1,500 of Dr. Courtney’s confidential patient files. According to the spine doctor, they utilized … Read more

Texas Man Receives Eight Life Sentences in Multi-Decade Child Sexual Abuse Case

Nacogdoches, Texas — A local man has been handed eight life sentences by a Nacogdoches County jury for multiple child sex offenses that spanned over nearly three decades. The 45-year-old, Bruno Juan Rodriguez, received the distinct condemnation after a prolonged judicial process that included battling significant challenges in securing testimonies from the victims. The ordeal began over nine years ago with Rodriguez’s initial arrest in March of 2015, following a distressing 911 call from a young victim who reported ongoing sexual assaults at her home. That phone call abruptly ended years of torment endured by … Read more

Texas Woman Accused of Diverting Surrogate Support Funds for Personal Ambitions in Music Industry

AUSTIN, Texas — In a startling revelation, a Texas woman is currently facing litigation over allegations that she redirected funds earmarked for pregnant surrogates to support her burgeoning career as a music influencer. This financial misconduct came to light through a lawsuit that contends the woman used the surrogacy escrow funds for self-promotion on various social platforms. The company involved, Surrogacy Escrow Account Management (SEAM), had been employed by prospective parents in Austin to manage the financial aspects of their agreements with surrogates. However, payments to surrogates were inexplicably halted, prompting an investigation. This cessation … Read more

Elon Musk Announces SpaceX and X Relocation to Texas Following California’s New Parental Notification Law

AUSTIN, Texas — In a significant business move, Elon Musk announced plans to relocate the headquarters of SpaceX and social media company X, formerly known as Twitter, from California to Texas. The decision comes in the wake of a controversial California law that prohibits schools from mandating that teachers inform parents if a child wishes to be acknowledged by new pronouns or a different name. Musk expressed his discontent on X, emphasizing that the new legislation was “the final straw” in a series of policies he believes are hostile to both families and businesses. According … Read more