Family Files Lawsuit After Toddler Left Paralyzed from Choking on Candy Land Gummy Candy

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A family in California has filed a lawsuit alleging that their 3-year-old daughter was left paralyzed after choking on a Candy Land-branded gummy candy. The lawsuit, filed on December 28, accuses Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company Inc., Frankford Candy LLC, and toy giant Hasbro of product liability, failure to warn, negligence, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The family is seeking more than $50,000 in damages for the child’s injuries, which include spastic quadriplegia, permanent brain damage, neurogenic bladder disorder, and neurogenic bowel disorder.

According to the lawsuit, the child began to choke after consuming a Candy Land Gummy Dot, which turned into a sticky mass and blocked her airway. As a result, she suffered a prolonged lack of oxygen, leading to paralysis and irreversible brain damage. The toddler is now unable to speak or swallow on her own.

The incident occurred on December 13, 2022, when the young girl consumed the gummy candy. Despite her parents’ attempts to dislodge the mass, they were unsuccessful. She was later taken to a local hospital where medical personnel used suction methods to clear the blockage. However, the child had already experienced significant damage from lack of oxygen.

Court documents obtained by Law & Crime claim that the Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company negligently designed the Gummy Dot candies, making them unreasonably dangerous due to their extreme stickiness and inability to break down. The lawsuit also alleges that the product did not have proper choking hazard warnings.

The family’s attorney, Thomas Bosworth, expressed shock at the level of brain damage caused by just one piece of candy and stated that they will not stop until the product is either removed from shelves or updated with clear and accurate warnings.

In conclusion, a family in California has filed a lawsuit against candy manufacturer Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company Inc., Frankford Candy LLC, and Hasbro, alleging that their toddler was left paralyzed and sustained permanent brain damage after choking on a Candy Land Gummy Dot. The lawsuit seeks damages for the child’s injuries, including spastic quadriplegia and neurogenic bladder and bowel disorders. The family is determined to raise awareness of the candy’s dangers and ensure that appropriate warnings are provided.