Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Request to Delay $10 Million Defamation Trial for Mother-in-Law’s Funeral

Manhattan Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Request to Delay Defamation Trial

Former President Donald Trump’s attempt to postpone his $10 million defamation trial has been denied by a federal judge. Trump’s lawyer had requested a one-week delay for him to attend his mother-in-law’s funeral, but Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled against the request. In a letter to the judge, Trump’s lawyer stated that he planned to attend the trial but wanted to be present for the funeral first. However, Judge Kaplan rejected the request, offering condolences but denying the application.

The funeral in question was for Amalija Knavs, the mother of former First Lady Melania Trump, who passed away at the age of 78 on January 9. Trump’s lawyer argued that he needed to be with his family in Florida for the funeral on Wednesday and Thursday. However, the judge pointed out the timing of the request, which was made late on Friday afternoon before the Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend.

E. Jean Carroll, the writer who filed the defamation lawsuit against Trump, opposed the delay and accused him of using the death as a stalling tactic. Carroll’s lawyer stated that they were prepared to proceed with the trial on schedule and that any delay would be prejudicial. The upcoming trial will determine the amount of damages Trump must pay. Carroll is seeking over $10 million on top of the $5 million that jurors previously ordered Trump to pay in a separate case.

Judge Kaplan had previously ruled that Trump was liable for defaming Carroll by falsely claiming that she accused him of rape for publicity. The upcoming trial will focus on the amount of damages he should pay. In May, a Manhattan federal jury found Carroll’s allegations of sexual abuse by Trump to be true.

In summary, a federal judge has rejected Donald Trump’s request to delay his defamation trial for a week to attend his mother-in-law’s funeral. The trial will proceed on schedule to determine the amount of damages Trump must pay in the defamation case brought against him by writer E. Jean Carroll.