Former President Trump’s $92 million bond approved by judge in E. Jean Carroll defamation case

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump has been ordered by a federal judge to put up a $92 million bond to secure a jury award for writer E. Jean Carroll, should it survive appeals. The bond was approved by Judge Lewis A. Kaplan on Tuesday, following an agreement among lawyers that there was no dispute about it. Trump, the front-runner for the Republican 2024 presidential race, offered the bond as his legal team appeals the verdict to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan. Over the weekend, at a campaign rally, … Read more

New York Appeals Court Denies Trump’s Lawyers’ Attempt to Delay Hush Money Trial for Third Straight Day

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump’s first criminal trial is set to begin on Monday after a New York appeals court rejected his lawyers’ attempt to delay the proceedings for a third day. The former president’s legal team had sought to halt the trial indefinitely while they challenged the trial judge and several pretrial rulings that they argue have hindered Trump’s defense. During an emergency hearing held in a court basement lobby on Wednesday, Trump’s lawyer Emil Bove argued that the restrictions in place could not operate constitutionally in a trial environment. Bove emphasized the … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Injects Humor into Trump’s Hush Money Trial with Alternative Juror Questionnaire

Los Angeles, CA – Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel injected humor into Donald Trump’s hush money trial proceedings on Tuesday night, offering an alternative questionnaire for jurors in the case. Despite Trump’s attempts to dismiss or delay the case, he is facing trial for allegedly falsifying business records to cover up payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels and others to prevent them from going public about alleged affairs before the 2016 presidential election. The judge released a list of 42 questions to be used for selecting jurors, which includes inquiries about affiliations with white … Read more

Trump’s Last-Ditch Effort: Appeal Filed to Remove Judge and Delay Hush Money Trial

New York, NY – Lawyers representing former President Donald Trump have continued their efforts to delay or dismiss the hush money trial taking place in New York. In their latest appeal, Trump’s legal team sought to remove Judge Juan Merchan from the proceedings and challenge his ruling that Trump is not protected from prosecution by presidential immunity. This development comes after a series of defeats for Trump’s lawyers in their attempts to hinder the trial. The case revolves around allegations that Trump violated New York tax and campaign finance laws when he paid adult film … Read more