Federal Judge Sets the Stage for Explosive Second Rape Defamation Trial Against Donald Trump

New York, NY – With Donald Trump’s second rape defamation trial just one week away, a federal judge has issued a stern order that underscores the challenges Trump will face in court. While the former president’s legal team had been hoping for a chance to rewrite history and clear Trump’s name, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan has made it clear that this trial will not be a “do over” of the previous one, which concluded that Trump sexually assaulted journalist E. Jean Carroll decades ago.

In a 27-page order, Judge Kaplan emphasized that the upcoming trial will focus on determining the extent of reprimand Trump will face for dragging Carroll’s name through the mud while he was in the White House. The jury will be presented with damning evidence of Trump’s misogyny, including the infamous Access Hollywood tape and a videotaped deposition where Trump remarks on stars getting away with sexual assault.

The previous trial dealt with defamatory denials made by Trump after leaving office, resulting in a $5 million settlement. The second trial, however, will center on Trump’s denials as U.S. president, adding additional weight to the case.

Judge Kaplan’s order also limits what Trump can say in court. He cannot claim that he did not sexually abuse Carroll, deny making statements about Carroll with actual malice, or argue that Carroll fabricated her account. Trump is also barred from discussing DNA, a major point of contention in the first trial. Trump’s last-minute offer to submit to DNA testing was deemed a public relations maneuver by the judge.

Furthermore, Trump’s lawyers are prohibited from discussing Carroll’s past romantic relationships, suggesting a political vendetta, or addressing her choice of attorney. The judge found these arguments lacking in merit and deemed them irrelevant to the damages Carroll experienced as a result of Trump’s defamation.

Trump’s lawyers also cannot mention the funding of Carroll’s lawsuit. It was revealed last year that Democrat megadonor Reid Hoffman has quietly been supporting Carroll’s case.

In summary, Trump’s second defamation trial will not be a chance to rewrite history. The jury will focus on determining the reprimand Trump will face for defaming E. Jean Carroll. The judge has placed significant restrictions on what Trump’s legal team can say in court, including barring discussions of DNA and irrelevant personal details about Carroll. The trial will proceed without the influence of Trump’s ongoing public statements.