Trump Seeks to Overturn Conviction, Points to Recent Supreme Court Ruling on Presidential Immunity

Washington — Former President Donald Trump has filed a request with a federal judge to dismiss his criminal charges, leveraging a recent Supreme Court decision that affirmed certain immunities for sitting presidents. Trump’s legal team argues that these immunities should extend to him as they pertain to actions taken during his tenure in the White House. The basis of Trump’s legal argument is rooted in a broader interpretation of presidential immunity. His lawyers contend that the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, which detailed the legal protections for a president while in office, supports the dismissal of … Read more

Judge Rejects Dismissal Request in Case Involving Trump Co-Defendant

New York — A judge has rejected a request by a co-defendant of former President Donald Trump to dismiss criminal charges related to falsifying business records at the Trump Organization. The decision came Monday, signaling a potential for trial proceedings that may cast a long shadow over Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. The legal maneuver, attempted by the Trump Organization’s payroll corporation, hinged on arguments alleging prosecutorial misconduct and claims that the district attorney’s office was unjustly targeting the former president and his business entities. The charges stem from a broader investigation into the Trump Organization’s … Read more

Federal Judge Delays Key Deadlines in Trump Classified Documents Investigation

WASHINGTON — In a significant development in the ongoing legal saga surrounding former President Donald Trump, a federal judge has issued a temporary suspension of certain deadlines in the case pertaining to the handling of classified documents. This decision allows more time for Trump’s legal team to prepare their defense amid a complex battle over document handling procedures. The case centers on allegations that Trump improperly stored and handled classified government documents after leaving office. The seriousness of these charges has drawn national attention, given the potential implications for national security. U.S. District Judge Aileen … Read more

Debate Heats Up Over Politicization of Justice in Trump Trial Commentary

Pinebrook, UT — In a recent opinion piece, local discourse heavily criticized the approach of prominent elected officials to the judiciary processes involving former President Trump. The criticism hones in on their failure to provide objective, factual responses to constituents regarding legal outcomes affecting the ex-president. Richard Hafets sparked controversy by questioning Frans Bicker Caarten’s right to discuss the veracity of the ‘guilty’ verdict against Trump, arguing that Caarten’s lack of a legal background disqualified his opinion. However, this assertion overlooked the broader point in Caarten’s article about the necessity for elected representatives to rise … Read more