Female Driver Files Lawsuit Against Northampton Police Officers After Aggressive Traffic Stop Escalates

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. – A Holyoke woman has filed a federal civil lawsuit against the city of Northampton and two police officers after she alleged she was injured during a controversial traffic stop. Marisol Driouech claims that she was pepper sprayed and wrestled to the ground by the police during the incident, which took place in April of last year on King Street in Northampton. Dashcam footage of the traffic stop shows the events leading up to the altercation. Driouech’s attorney, Dana Goldblatt, stated that she had previously sent a letter to the city presenting her client’s claims, but received no response. She expressed disappointment and said that the lawsuit was Driouech’s only recourse to seek compensation. The Northampton Police Department and the city solicitor declined to comment on the matter.

The incident in question was investigated by an independent entity, which determined that the amount of force used by the officers was reasonable given the circumstances. Despite reaching out to both the Northampton Police Department and the mayor’s office, no response was received. The mayor’s office stated that they do not comment on pending litigation and directed inquiries to the city solicitor. However, attempts to contact the city solicitor were unsuccessful.

22News, a local news outlet that has been serving western Massachusetts since 1953, reported on the lawsuit but has not received any updates on the case. The news outlet has a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

This lawsuit highlights the ongoing issues surrounding police conduct and excessive use of force. As the case progresses, it will likely spark further discussions about the need for accountability and reform within law enforcement agencies.