Filmmaking Duo Takes Home Top Prize at Flickerfest for ‘Yeah The Boys’

Bondi, Australia – Husband and wife team Vanessa Marion Varghese and Stefan Hunt have taken home the prize for Best Australian Short Film at this year’s Flickerfest for their creation, “Yeah The Boys.”

The film, produced by Alex Taussig, follows six young Australian men as they spend an afternoon and evening drinking beer, communicating only through crude gestures, chokeholds, crowd surfs, and drinking from shoes. Despite not uttering a single word, they manage to convey everything they need to say.

During the awards ceremony, Varghese and Hunt gratefully accepted the prize from actor and Flickerfest jury member Rahel Romahn. Hunt expressed his appreciation for the festival’s recognition of the film’s message and the dedication that went into its production.

“It is a true honor to have this film showcased to an Australian audience,” Hunt remarked. “Australian larrikinism is something we celebrate in this country, but when is it not fun?”

In addition to “Yeah The Boys,” several other Australian films were recognized during the ceremony. Kalu Oji’s “What’s In A Name” took home the award for Best Direction in an Australian Short Film, Brent D McKee’s “Duwarra Wujara” won Best Australian Animated Short Film, and Lucy Coleman’s “Lean In” was awarded Best Australian Comedy Short Film.

Other individual winners of the night included Jay Perry and Shaun Perry for Best Screenplay for “Cold Water,” Jack McAvoy for Best Cinematography for “Dancing Girl & The Balloon Man,” Phoebe Taylor for Best Editing for “How Can I Help You,” and Samuel Weiss for Best Original Music for “Gorgo.”

Moreover, director Grace Louey was honored with the Outstanding Emerging Female Director award, named in memory of the late Samantha Rebillet, a French-born Australian film director, actress, screenwriter, and producer.

Following the awards ceremony, the ten-day festival at Bondi concluded, with plans for a national tour across all states and territories in Australia.

Festival director Bronwyn Kidd expressed her delight at the warm reception of short films by audiences in Bondi. She noted the success of the 33rd Flickerfest and the presence of passionate crowds and filmmakers introducing their work.

The 2024 Flickerfest winners included a diverse range of international and local films, showcasing the talent and creativity of filmmakers from around the world.

In summary, the Australian short film “Yeah The Boys” directed by Stefan Hunt and written by Vanessa Marion Varghese was awarded Best Australian Short Film at the 2024 Flickerfest. The film, praised for its unique approach of conveying emotions without words through physical gestures, received recognition from the festival and will now embark on a national tour across Australia.