Law School Dean at UC Berkeley Faces Controversy Over Free Speech Clash at Home

BERKELEY, California – A controversy has erupted at the University of California at Berkeley involving Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the law school, and a Muslim law student named Malak Afaneh. The incident occurred during a dinner event hosted by Chemerinsky and his wife, law professor Catherine Fisk, in their backyard. Afaneh disrupted the event to make a pro-Palestinian speech, advocating for the university to withdraw investments supporting Israel. Chemerinsky and Fisk confronted Afaneh, leading to a heated exchange that was captured on video and spread widely on social media. Chemerinsky, a renowned constitutional law … Read more

Event Promoter Relevent Sports Drops FIFA as Defendant in Antitrust Lawsuit, Paving the Way for Potential Worldwide Club League Games Outside Home Territories

NEW YORK CITY – Event promoter Relevent Sports has made the decision to drop FIFA as a defendant in its antitrust lawsuit against FIFA and the U.S. Soccer Federation. The resolution was filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Monday. However, it is important to note that U.S. Soccer remains a defendant in the ongoing case, which has the potential to be taken to the U.S. Supreme Court. The lawsuit centers around the possibility of allowing club teams from around the world to play official league games outside of their home territories. Currently, this … Read more

Acclaimed Films Take Home Top Honors at Hong Kong International Film Festival Awards

Hong Kong, China – “Snow in Midsummer” emerged victorious as the best film for young cinema competition (Chinese-language) at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. The film delves into the 1969 massacre of Malaysian Chinese during political unrest following an election. Liang Ming clinched the Best Director award for “Carefree Days,” while Lyu Xingchen, the female lead in the film, was honored with the Best Actress award. The accolade for Best Actor went to Jason King for his performance in “A Journey in Spring.” In the non-Chinese film category, “Sons” by Gustav Moeller was declared … Read more

Landmark Ruling: Colorado Jury Awards $3.76 Million to Montbello Woman in Wrongful Home Search Case

DENVER, COLORADO – A jury in Colorado has awarded Ruby Johnson, a 78-year-old woman from Montbello, $3.76 million in damages after finding that the Denver Police Department violated the state’s constitution during a search of her home in 2022. The case stems from an investigation into a stolen truck that included an iPhone, which led Detective Gary Staab and Sergeant Gregory Buschy to obtain a search warrant for Johnson’s home based on the claim that the phone’s “Find My iPhone” app had pinpointed her location. However, Johnson’s lawyers argued that the app only provided an … Read more