Florida Litigator Secures Massive Verdict Against Big Tobacco in Groundbreaking Massachusetts Case

MIAMI – A South Florida litigator, known for his success in winning substantial verdicts against Big Tobacco, recently led a team of attorneys to secure a significant verdict in Massachusetts state court. Randy Rosenblum, a partner at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein in Miami, joined forces with Kevin Donovan of Rubenstein Law in Miami and lawyers from the Public Health Advocacy Institute in Boston.

The plaintiffs in this case were Joseph Reppucci, a cancer survivor, and his wife. They brought a lawsuit against several defendants, including the well-known tobacco company R.J. Reynolds. The team of attorneys represented the Reppuccis in their fight for justice.

Rosenblum, who has a track record of winning over $1 billion in verdicts against Big Tobacco, once again showcased his prowess in the courtroom. This recent victory in Massachusetts adds to his impressive accomplishments. With the support of his fellow attorneys, Rosenblum successfully argued the case on behalf of the plaintiffs.

The details of the verdict and the exact figure awarded to the Reppuccis remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, the outcome was described as an “eight-figure verdict,” indicating a substantial sum of money. The exact nature of the claims made by the plaintiffs and the arguments presented by the defense were not provided in the report.

The success of Rosenblum and his team highlights the ongoing legal battles against the tobacco industry. Despite increased public awareness of the risks associated with smoking, victims and their families continue to seek justice for the harm caused by tobacco companies. This verdict serves as another reminder of the significant financial impact that these lawsuits can have on tobacco manufacturers.

Overall, this recent win in Massachusetts further solidifies Randy Rosenblum’s reputation as a skilled litigator in the fight against Big Tobacco. The details of the case and the exact verdict amount have not been disclosed, but the outcome is described as significant. The victory achieved by Rosenblum and his team is a testament to the ongoing legal battles surrounding the tobacco industry and the pursuit of justice for those affected by its products.