Jury Awards $16 Million to Florida Family in Tobacco Lawsuit, Citing Conspiracy and Fraud by Philip Morris

Miami, FL — A Florida jury has awarded $16 million to the family of a deceased smoker, holding Philip Morris accountable for his death due to lung cancer. The verdict, delivered this week, includes $6 million in compensatory damages and an additional $10 million in punitive damages, finding the tobacco giant responsible for the untimely demise of 56-year-old Manuel Garcia, who was a long-term user of Marlboro cigarettes. Garcia, who succumbed to lung cancer in 1998, had been a regular smoker for two decades. His family argued that Philip Morris played a crucial role in … Read more

Landmark Verdict: Florida Jury Holds Tobacco Giants Accountable for Smoker Illnesses in Historic 1999 Ruling

Miami, FL — In a landmark decision on July 7, 1999, a jury in Miami-Dade County found major tobacco companies liable for the illnesses of several Florida smokers, marking a significant moment in legal and public health history. This pivotal case, originating from a class-action lawsuit filed in 1994, was the first of its kind to go to trial, setting a precedent for future tobacco litigation. The case highlighted the ongoing battle between public health advocates and tobacco companies over the impacts of smoking. The jury’s decision underscored the increasing legal challenges tobacco firms faced … Read more

Ohio Cities File Lawsuit Challenging State Law Stripping Local Tobacco Regulations

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Filing a lawsuit on Wednesday, Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein is leading a legal challenge against a recently passed state law that aims to strip away the authority of cities in Ohio to regulate the sale of tobacco products at the local level. This lawsuit is supported by 13 other Ohio cities, including Bexley, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. The ban, which is scheduled to take effect on April 23, was approved after lawmakers overrode the governor’s veto of the legislation earlier this year. Under the newly enacted law, Ohio cities would no longer … Read more

Law Firm of Peter Angelos, Notable for Asbestos and Tobacco Litigation, to Be Sold to Three Members of Practice

Baltimore, MD – Peter Angelos’ renowned law firm, known for its success in securing substantial awards and settlements on behalf of asbestos and tobacco victims, is set to be sold to three members of the practice. The sale was authorized by Baltimore County Circuit Judge Keith R. Truffer, concluding a legal dispute among Angelos’ family members. The family patriarch, now 94 years old, has been incapacitated by illness since 2018. Financial details of the sale were not disclosed in court documents filed on Wednesday. This development follows the Angelos family’s agreement to sell their most … Read more