Former Drug Addiction Treatment Center Resident Arrested for Burglary at Unoccupied House in Chillicothe

Chillicothe, Ohio – The Ross County Grand Jury has concluded its session with 19 cases, including one misdemeanor and three pending release to the public. Among the cases heard was an incident involving a resident of Safe Haven DARTS, a local drug addiction treatment center. The resident reported missing items from a rental house on East Main Street.

During the grand jury testimony, it was revealed that a police officer had been shown video footage of the suspect, 28-year-old Brandon G. Seward, entering the house and taking items from the refrigerator at 3:41 am on December 13th. Despite not being a client for 10 days and having been assigned to a different house, Seward unlawfully entered the property. As a result, the incident is classified as burglary, even though the items taken were of minimal value.

Seward now faces second-degree felony burglary charges, which carry a potential sentence of up to eight years in prison and a fine of $15,000. The Ross County Prosecutor’s Office will proceed with the case.

The Ross County Grand Jury, responsible for determining whether there is enough evidence for a criminal case to proceed to trial, convenes regularly to review cases. Out of the 19 cases heard during this session, one was indicted as a misdemeanor, and three are awaiting release to the public.

Burglary is a serious offense, and law enforcement agencies prioritize investigating such incidents to ensure the safety and security of the community. The Ross County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to prosecuting individuals responsible for such crimes, as evidenced by their decision to pursue charges against Seward.

Residents are advised to report any suspicious activity to the authorities and take necessary precautions to protect their homes and property. By working together with law enforcement, communities can create a safer environment for everyone.

In summary, a resident of a drug addiction center in Chillicothe, Ohio, reported missing items from a rented house, leading to the arrest of Brandon G. Seward on burglary charges. The Ross County Grand Jury indicted Seward, and he now faces the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence and significant fines. Law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor’s office are actively working to address these issues and ensure community safety.