Horry County Vet Enters Treatment Court After Drug Misuse Charges, Could Avoid Jail Time

GREEN SEA, S.C. — A local veterinarian, who faced allegations of mismanaging veterinary drugs, has been directed to undergo a rehabilitative program, instead of facing jail time, marking a significant development in a case spotlighting prescription drug management among veterinarians. Kelsey Strickland, proprietor of Blue Ribbon Equine Services, was implicated by South Carolina authorities in November for improper handling of Butorphanol – a controlled narcotic commonly used for pain management in horses. Strickland was charged with acquiring significant amounts of the drug and inaccurately recording or neglecting to maintain proper records for its use, affecting … Read more

Jury Deliberates as Man Self-Represents in Arizona Church Arson Trial, Citing Biblical Defense and Unfair Treatment

TUCSON, Ariz. — The trial of Eric Ridenour, who stands accused of arson targeting two local churches, has reached a critical juncture as jurors commenced deliberations after days of dramatic courtroom testimonies and fervent closing arguments. Ridenour, representing himself in court, faced allegations of setting ablaze St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and First Presbyterian Church in Douglas last year. Prosecutors aimed to cement his guilt with video evidence and eyewitness testimonials which suggested his presence at the crime scenes. Authorities recounted the sequence of events where surveillance footage purportedly captured a blue Pontiac Aztec, consistent with … Read more

Creditor Law Group Advocates for Fair Treatment in Debt Collection Practices, Rooting Out Unethical Collectors

Philadelphia, PA – Living with debt can be incredibly stressful, and unfortunately, many consumers also have to deal with aggressive and unethical debt collectors. These collectors often violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a law enacted by the U.S. government in 1978 to protect borrowers from abusive and unfair practices. Violations of the FDCPA are widespread and can have profound consequences for debtors. In response to these violations, Creditor Law Group, a nationwide law firm dedicated to defending consumers, is at the forefront of fighting against unethical debt collection practices. One of the … Read more

Falling Short of Human Rights: Joint Allegation Letter Challenges Texas’ Treatment of LGBTQ+ Community

HOUSTON, TEXAS – In recent years, the erosion of key rights has left many individuals and communities feeling marginalized and unheard. Restrictions on abortion access, limitations on the autonomy of transgender youth and their families, and the policing of educators’ lessons on important social issues have become all too common across the United States. Even the libertarian think tank Cato Institute ranks Texas at the bottom when it comes to personal freedoms. This assault on personal liberties has primarily occurred at the state level, prompting concerns about the diminishing influence of the supremacy clause and … Read more