Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Wife Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Violating Marriage Law

ISLAMABAD — Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife, Bushra Bibi, have been sentenced to seven years in prison by a Pakistani court for violating the law with their marriage in 2018. This verdict comes just days after the couple was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption. Both cases have raised allegations of political motivation, with Khan and his family maintaining their innocence.

According to the defense lawyer for Khan and Bibi, Intisar Panjutha, Judge Qudrat Ullah announced the verdict one day after the trial ended. The prosecution claimed that the couple violated the law, which mandates a three-month waiting period for a woman to remarry. This marks Khan’s fourth conviction since 2022, when he was removed from power, and the sentences will be served concurrently.

Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party has strongly condemned the ruling and plans to appeal. Gohar Khan, the party’s leader, spoke out against the verdict, calling it a “bogus case.” Khan and Bibi have denied any wrongdoing throughout the trial, maintaining that they did not violate the three-month waiting period required by Islamic law.

As for Bibi, this marks her third marriage. She was previously married to a man who claimed they divorced in November 2017, less than three months before her marriage to Khan. However, Bibi asserts that their divorce actually took place in August 2017. Khan, on the other hand, has been married twice before, to socialite Jemima Goldsmith and journalist Reham Khan.

Currently, Khan is serving multiple prison terms at Adiala prison in Rawalpindi due to security concerns. He has faced a total of over 150 cases, including charges of inciting violence during nationwide riots in May 2023. Khan’s supporters attacked military and government buildings, leading to his arrest. The violence only subsided after the Supreme Court ordered his release.

In addition to their current convictions, Khan and Bibi are also facing another graft case involving allegations of providing undue benefits to a property tycoon in exchange for the establishment of an Islamic university.

These latest developments further complicate Khan’s political career as he is already disqualified from the upcoming parliamentary elections due to his corruption convictions. Regardless, Khan and his supporters continue to maintain his innocence and claim that these cases are politically motivated. The legal battles and controversies surrounding the former prime minister continue to shape the political landscape in Pakistan.