Florida Attorney Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for $10M Tax Fraud Scheme, Funding a Lavish Lifestyle

DAVIE, Florida – A Florida attorney has been sentenced to eight years in prison for his involvement in a $10 million tax evasion conspiracy. Michael L. Meyer, based in Davie, pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this year. The case revolved around a fraudulent tax shelter scheme that aimed to assist high-income clients in minimizing their tax liabilities through the use of fabricated charitable deductions. According to the Department of Justice, Meyer personally profited over $10 million from the illegal scheme. With this newfound wealth, he indulged in an extravagant lifestyle, acquiring luxury vehicles such … Read more

Hillsboro Man Sentenced to Over Eight Years in Prison for Multiple Drug Charges

Hillsboro, Ohio – A man from Hillsboro was sentenced to more than eight years in prison after being found guilty of multiple drug-related charges by a jury in Highland County Common Pleas Court. Stephen Charles Weil, age 38, was indicted in June 2023 on five felony charges, including aggravated trafficking in methamphetamine near a school zone, two counts of aggravated possession of methamphetamine, and two counts of aggravated trafficking of methamphetamine. The jury took only 40 minutes to reach a unanimous verdict of guilty on all charges. During the trial, evidence was presented that Weil … Read more

Jennifer Crumbley Requests House Arrest instead of Prison Sentence as Threats Against Prosecutor Surface

PONTIAC, Mich. – Jennifer Crumbley, the defendant in the Oxford High School shooting case, has requested house arrest instead of a prison sentence. The prosecutor’s office revealed that if given this punishment, Jennifer would live in her lawyer’s guest house. Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Marc Keast detailed this request in a recent sentencing memo. Keast argued that such a sentence would be inadequate given the severity of the tragedy caused by Jennifer’s negligence. According to the memo, Jennifer’s attorney, Shannon Smith, is advocating for her release on a tether and for her to reside in … Read more

Innocence Prevails: Philadelphia Men Exonerated After Decades in Prison for Murder Case

Chester, Pennsylvania – In a major development, three Philadelphia-area men who had spent decades in prison for a 1997 murder had their convictions overturned last Thursday. Recent evidence proved that their DNA was absent from the crime scene where an elderly woman was brutally killed. The three men, Sam Grasty, Derrick Chappell, and Morton Johnson, had consistently maintained their innocence in the murder of Henrietta Nickens, a 70-year-old woman who was beaten to death and sexually assaulted in her Delaware County apartment. The exoneration came after years of legal efforts by the nonprofit Centurion, which … Read more