Former President Trump Fires Back on Social Media Amidst Pending Verdict in New York Civil Fraud Case

NEW YORK, NY – Former President Donald Trump took to social media on Sunday to deliver a scathing attack on the judge and New York Attorney General Letitia James, as he awaits the verdict of his civil fraud case. If found guilty, Trump could potentially be banned from conducting business in the state.

In his series of posts, Trump reiterated his defense in the case, labeling it a “witch hunt” and asserting that his company achieved “only success and profits.” He also pointed to a disclaimer and non-reliance clause, emphasizing the need for readers to conduct their own analysis and due diligence.

Trump additionally called for federal court intervention in the case, characterizing his company as a victim of slander and claiming that the proceedings were politically motivated. He appealed to the highest courts in New York or the federal system to intercede, expressing his belief that the situation went against the principles of America.

The former president took issue with Attorney General Letitia James, accusing her of corruption and criticizing her demeanor in court without providing evidence. Trump alleged that she sat comfortably and confidently, with her shoes off and arms folded, drinking Starbucks coffee and displaying a big smile, suggesting that she already knew the outcome of the case.

Describing the trial as “rigged” and a “hoax,” Trump criticized Judge Arthur Engoron, who presided over the trial, claiming that the judge had been unduly influenced. He expressed hope that Engoron would deliver a favorable ruling, asserting that it would prove the New York State Judicial System to be alive, respected, and well.

These social media posts by Trump followed the conclusion of closing arguments in his civil fraud trial on Thursday. As the sole decision-maker in the case, Engoron hopes to reach a verdict by January 31, although he did not provide a guarantee.

In the trial, Attorney General Letitia James has asked Engoron to impose a penalty of nearly $370 million on Trump for allegedly falsifying his net worth on financial statements to gain tax and insurance benefits. She also seeks a lifelong ban on the former president’s involvement in New York’s real estate business.

The final verdict in this high-profile case holds significant implications for Trump’s future business endeavors and reputation in the state of New York.