Former President Trump Pushes Back on ‘Unprecedented’ Trial Barriers, Requests to Testify in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Case

New York, New York – Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer has requested that he be allowed to testify in the upcoming defamation trial brought against him by columnist E. Jean Carroll. The trial, scheduled for this week, centers around Carroll’s claim that Trump sexually assaulted her. Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, criticized the “unprecedented” obstacles proposed by Carroll’s legal team and argued that Trump should have the opportunity to contribute his side of the story.

Habba raised several concerns regarding Carroll’s team’s requests. She disputed the notion that Trump would have nothing to add in his testimony, emphasizing that he should be allowed to explain his denial of Carroll’s allegations and defend his actions. Furthermore, Habba argued that Trump should be permitted to provide context for his comments in relation to Carroll’s ongoing media engagement.

Habba also took issue with the request that Trump acknowledge on record, out of the jury’s presence, that he understands the established claims of sexual assault and malicious falsehood in relation to Carroll’s case. She asserted that Trump maintains his innocence despite the court’s rulings on the matter.

Additionally, Habba criticized other proposals put forth by Carroll’s team, including the requirement of providing evidence to support Trump’s testimony and the admonishment of Trump regarding the court’s collateral estoppel decision. Habba argued that these suggestions were far-fetched and highly prejudicial and expressed concern that warning Trump in front of the jury would adversely affect his defense.

Habba asserted that preventing Trump from testifying altogether would constitute a severe limitation on his ability to defend himself, constituting a violation of his constitutional rights. She described it as a “manifest injustice.”

Carroll’s team previously suggested that Trump’s lawyer misrepresented the need to delay the trial, implying that it was connected to the $10 million defamation damages sought by Carroll. In response, Habba criticized this suggestion and emphasized that Trump’s testimony would provide valuable information in his defense.

The trial will determine the amount of damages owed by Trump, following a jury’s previous determination of his liability in the sexual battery claim made by Carroll.

In summary, former President Donald Trump’s lawyer has insisted on his client’s right to testify in the ongoing defamation trial brought against him by columnist E. Jean Carroll. Trump’s lawyer argued against the barriers proposed by Carroll’s team and asserted that Trump should be able to provide his perspective and defend himself. The trial aims to establish the amount of damages owed by Trump after a previous ruling found him liable for sexual battery allegations.