Former US President Donald Trump Accuses Judge of Fraud in Civil Trial, Sparks Controversy

New York City, USA – Former US President Donald Trump appeared in court on Thursday for his civil trial on fraud charges. During the proceedings, Trump directly addressed the judge, expressing his belief that the case was a fraud against him. According to NBC News, he also accused the judge of having his own agenda. The judge reportedly responded by reprimanding Trump’s lawyer and asking him to control his client.

This trial comes at a time when Trump is facing numerous legal challenges, including 91 criminal charges and ongoing disputes over his eligibility to run for president again in 2024. It is worth noting that allowing Trump to speak during the trial was not a guaranteed decision.

Before the trial began, Trump had requested the right to deliver his own closing remarks. However, the judge, Arthur Engoron, insisted that Trump stay on topic and refrain from giving a campaign speech. Trump’s legal team could not assure the judge that their client would comply.

Despite this, Trump’s lawyer made another request during the trial for Trump to be able to speak. Judge Engoron asked Trump if he would promise to focus only on the facts and the law. According to US News, Trump did not respond to the judge’s question and proceeded to deliver a monologue.

In summary, former President Donald Trump addressed the judge overseeing his fraud trial, proclaiming the case was a fraud against him and implying that the judge had ulterior motives. The judge chastised Trump’s lawyer for his client’s behavior during the trial. While Trump was allowed to speak, the judge had previously warned against veering off topic or giving a campaign speech. The trial takes place amid numerous other legal challenges faced by Trump, including criminal charges and disputes over his eligibility for another presidential run in 2024.