Former WWE Employee Accuses Vince McMahon of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking: Lawyer Reveals Disturbing Details

Janel Grant, a former employee of WWE, has filed a 67-page lawsuit against Vince McMahon, the former boss of the wrestling company. According to her lawyer, Ann Callis, Grant alleges that she was sexually abused and trafficked by McMahon and former WWE executive John Laurinaitis during her time working in the legal and talent departments from 2019 to 2022. The lawsuit also claims that the sexual activity took place at the WWE headquarters, even during working hours.

In an interview with Law&Crime, Callis stated that Grant was not the only person at WWE’s Connecticut offices who was afraid of McMahon. Callis described an “atmosphere of fear” that permeated the entire headquarters, suggesting that many employees may have shared Grant’s experience.

McMahon has denied the allegations made by Janel Grant, calling her lawsuit “replete with lies.” As a result of the controversy, the 78-year-old has resigned from his position as a board member of WWE’s parent company TKO “out of respect.”

The lawsuit against McMahon includes serious accusations, such as the claim that he offered Grant to an unnamed wrestler for sex. While Callis admits she does not have concrete evidence, she speculates that Grant is not the only woman who may have been mistreated by McMahon. Callis believes that the grooming tactics used on Grant suggest the possibility of other victims, and that Grant’s hope is to inspire other potential victims to come forward.

Following the news of his resignation from TKO, McMahon’s profile page on WWE’s website was promptly removed.

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