Decades-Long Sexual Abuse Case Finally Settled: Rochester School District to Pay $1.6 Million

Rochester, N.Y. – The Rochester City School District has agreed to pay $1.6 million to a woman who alleges she was raped more than 100 times by a music teacher during her time as a student at East High School in the 1970s. In order to protect her identity, the woman has been referred to as Betty Doe in court documents. Attorney John Bansbach, who represents the woman and eight other women who claim they were sexually abused by the same music teacher, Edwin Fleming, explained the details of the case. According to Bansbach, the … Read more

Dolton Trustee Andrew Holmes Faces Accusations of Sexual Assault: Mayor Accused of Cover-Up

DOLTON, Illinois – Dolton Trustee and renowned Chicago activist Andrew Holmes is facing allegations of sexual assault. A former employee of Dolton, along with a Dolton police officer, filed a lawsuit accusing Holmes of the assault, and claiming that Mayor Tiffany Henyard attempted to cover it up for her own protection. Both Holmes and Henyard are named as defendants in the suit. The Las Vegas Police Department has confirmed that they are currently carrying out an ongoing investigation into Holmes. According to the lawsuit, Mayor Henyard and over a dozen others attended a conference in … Read more

Jury Trial for 2018 Canadian World Junior Hockey Team Sexual Assault Case Likely Delayed until 2025, Experts Say

London, Ontario – The potential start date for a jury trial involving five members of Team Canada’s 2018 world junior hockey team who have been charged with sexual assault may be pushed back to 2025. In a recent virtual session overseen by Justice Alissa Mitchell, Crown and defense attorneys agreed to hold three weeks of pre-trial motions starting on November 25. If these hearings take the full allotted time, they will conclude on December 13. However, legal experts argue that this timeline suggests the actual trial is unlikely to begin until the following year. Nicolas … Read more

Rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Faces Multiple Civil Lawsuits Alleging Sex Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, and Rape

Los Angeles and Miami – Rapper and music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is currently facing a series of civil lawsuits accusing him of sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and rape. Combs, formerly known as Puff Daddy and P. Diddy, has been a prominent figure in the music industry, but now finds himself embroiled in a potentially damaging scandal. On March 25th, federal agents from US Homeland Security raided two of Combs’ homes in Los Angeles and Miami, adding to the mounting allegations against him. Despite the accusations, Combs, 54, vehemently denies all wrongdoing, with his attorneys … Read more