Gerety Awards 2024 Promises New Categories and Earth Prize for Creative Excellence

Paris, France – The prestigious Gerety Awards has opened its doors for entries, unveiling an impressive lineup of 15 locations for the executive jury sessions. Spanning across major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, and Sydney, these sessions will play a crucial role in determining the winners in various categories. One of the defining aspects of the Gerety Awards is its inclusion of the agency and production company of the year from each country, selected from the entrants of the Portfolio Cut.

In an exciting development for 2024, the Gerety Awards has introduced new categories, including the Gerety Earth Prize. This special award will recognize the highest-scoring campaign for environmental and sustainability initiatives. The executive jury will be closely evaluating entries submitted to the Works for Good Cut, seeking unique perspectives on how to tackle the world’s pressing challenges.

Selonica Perumal, CEO of Shift Integrated in Sri Lanka, emphasized the importance of diverse voices and viewpoints in addressing these challenges. As someone hailing from a country that has faced violence and economic crises, Perumal brings a unique perspective to the table. She hopes to see entries that challenge conventional norms and provide innovative solutions to the greatest issues of our time.

Joining the Gerety Awards as a Grand Jury member, Laura Maness, Global CEO of Grey Group, expressed her anticipation for groundbreaking initiatives that strive for sustainable growth. Maness believes that impactful work can inspire positive change, setting new standards for the industry. She sees the Gerety Earth Prize as a testament to the Awards’ commitment to transforming the world for the better.

The executive jury sessions for the 2024 Gerety Awards will be led by a group of distinguished Ambassadors. These industry leaders, including Creative Directors, Chief Creative Officers, and CEOs, will bring their expertise to evaluate the entries and contribute to the selection process. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences promise to provide an enriching and comprehensive perspective.

The full executive jury will be announced in the coming weeks, heightening the excitement for the Gerety Awards. As the global creative community eagerly awaits the results, adobo Magazine proudly stands as an official media partner of the Gerety Awards 2024.

Throughout its history, the Gerety Awards has celebrated innovation, excellence, and creativity in the advertising industry. With its expanded scope and introduction of new categories, the Awards continue to push boundaries and recognize the transformative power of advertising. As the competition heats up, we can expect to witness groundbreaking campaigns that inspire positive change and shape the future of the industry.

In summary, the Gerety Awards has opened its doors for entries, unveiling the locations for the executive jury sessions and introducing new categories for 2024. With an emphasis on diverse perspectives and sustainable initiatives, the Awards seek to recognize impactful work that challenges conventions and raises the standard for positive change. Stay tuned as the Gerety Awards announces its full executive jury and celebrates the transformative power of advertising.