Global Innovators Announced as Judges for the 2024 NYF Health Awards

New York, United States – The New York Festivals has announced the lineup for the 2024 NYF Health Awards. The prestigious event will showcase the best in Health & Wellness and Pharma advertising. This year, the selection process includes two separate Grand Juries comprised of industry experts and creative innovators from 16 countries worldwide. Their goal is to comprehensively evaluate submissions from exclusive designations and identify cutting-edge work in healthcare and Pharma advertising.

The 2024 Health Awards Grand Jury consists of renowned leaders in the industry, selected from top-tier agencies across six continents. Known for their award-winning contributions, these visionary minds bring diverse perspectives to the table and ensure a thorough evaluation process. The high level of dedication and thoughtfulness from the juries guarantees a fair and thorough assessment of each entrant’s work.

The international Grand Juries play a crucial role in narrowing down the submissions, ensuring that only the most exceptional advertisements move on to the Executive Jury judging sessions. These sessions will take place in New York City on April 17-18, 2024. Two separate Executive Juries, led by Susan Perlbachs and Bruno Abner Rebelo, will evaluate the Health & Wellness and Pharma categories, respectively.

This year’s jurors hail from various countries, including Australia, Singapore, and Japan. Some notable jurors include Gerrard Malcolm from Insight AU, Kate Chisnall from Ward7 Australia, Dante Abelarde from McCANN Worldgroup Singapore, and Shunsuke Kakinami from McCann Health Japan. With their comprehensive range of talent and expertise, these global innovators will select the Shortlist and ensure that only the most inspiring work moves forward to the trophy round.

The deadline to enter the 2024 NYF Health Awards is March 8th. Interested participants can find more information on the competition’s official website. The NYF Health Awards is a platform for recognizing excellence in healthcare, wellness, and pharmaceutical advertising, and the 2024 edition promises to showcase groundbreaking creative work from around the world.