Hospital Faces Unprecedented $120 Million Jury Verdict for Failing to Detect Stroke in Patient’s CT Scan

MOUNT PLEASANT, New York – In a historic verdict, a hospital located just north of New York City has been ordered to pay $120 million due to the failure of resident physicians to detect signs of a stroke in CT images.
The jury deliberated for a day before reaching the largest verdict in Westchester County’s history, according to reports. The attorney representing the patient and his family, Ben Rubinowitz, described the verdict as unprecedented in his 40-year career.
The case dates back to November 27, 2018, when William R. Lee, a commercial real estate broker, was brought to Westchester Medical Center around 3 a.m. on suspicion of a stroke. However, there was no certified radiologist available at the time, so resident physicians examined the CT images. Unfortunately, they missed the signs of a stroke. It was only three hours later that an attending radiologist discovered a basilar artery occlusion upon reviewing the images.
Although a thrombectomy was performed, Lee, who was 41 at the time, had already sustained severe brain damage. As a result of this tragic incident, Lee and his family decided to file a lawsuit in 2020, leading to a four-week trial that concluded on November 30. Currently residing in a California memory care facility, Lee’s condition has left him unable to fulfill his roles as a husband and father.
Westchester Medical Center, located about 27 miles north of Manhattan, declined to provide a comment to the local newspaper. Defense attorneys during the trial argued that Lee’s brain damage had occurred before he was admitted to the hospital.
New York City-based law firm Gair, Gair, Conason described the outcome of the case as historic, emphasizing the severe impact of medical negligence and the firm’s expertise in achieving justice for victims of malpractice.
In summary, a hospital in Mount Pleasant, New York has been ordered to pay $120 million as a result of resident physicians failing to identify signs of a stroke on a patient’s CT scan. This ruling marks the largest verdict in Westchester County’s history. The patient, a commercial real estate broker, incurred severe brain damage due to the delayed diagnosis. Despite the hospital’s refusal to comment, the legal team representing the patient highlights the significance of this case in shedding light on medical negligence and providing justice to malpractice victims.