Nashville Family Awarded Record $47 Million in Birth Injury Case Against Hospital

Nashville, Tennessee — In a landmark Tennessee court decision, a Nashville family was granted nearly $47 million in damages after their daughter sustained severe brain damage at birth due to alleged medical negligence. The trial, which addresses issues of urgent healthcare delivery, concluded with the state’s highest-ever medical malpractice award. The jury’s verdict came after a detailed examination of the events leading up to the birth of Vivian Boughton at Ascension St. Thomas Midtown Hospital on September 29, 2018. Legal representatives for the family argued that delays in the delivery process exacerbated the newborn’s health … Read more

$120 Million Verdict: Detroit Hospital Held Accountable for Birth Injury Resulting in Cerebral Palsy

DETROI, MI — Kirsten Drake, a Detroit mother, pursued legal action against Henry Ford Health System, winning a $120 million settlement this March after her son suffered severe birth injuries in 2010. The significant compensation comes as acknowledgment of the hospital’s alleged delayed medical response during the child’s delivery, which the family contends led to lifelong medical complications. In June 2010, Drake, then 20 and pregnant with her son, K’Jon, was admitted to Henry Ford Hospital. Despite showing no initial signs of labor, troubling signs from a fetal monitor led doctors to recommend an immediate … Read more

Georgia High Court Approves Progression of Medical Malpractice Suit Against Local Hospital

Atlanta, GA — The Georgia Supreme Measured Court has cleared the pathway for a medical malpractice lawsuit against a notable Georgia hospital to move forward. This decision comes after lengthy deliberations on the admissibility of key testimony that could impact the outcome of the case. The lawsuit, initiated by a patient alleging substandard care, has drawn attention to the practices and patient care protocols at the hospital. The court’s ruling specifically addressed the legal boundaries of expert witness testimony, a pivotal component in many medical malpractice litigations. The crux of the legal debate was whether … Read more

Repealing Certificate of Need Laws: The Impact on Healthcare Access and Hospital Closures Revealed

Franklin, Tennessee – A recent opinion piece by Wendy Long argues against the repeal of Certificate of Need (CON) laws in Tennessee, claiming that it would lead to decreased access to healthcare. However, evidence suggests that repealing CON laws can actually increase accessibility. Under CON laws, healthcare facilities face barriers to opening or expanding, hindering competition and limiting options for patients. Long and other CON law proponents assert that hospitals will close without the protection of CON laws, as new facilities could attract privately insured patients and leave existing hospitals with only uninsured or under-insured … Read more