ICAM Cortina Foundation Embarks on Bold Restructuring to Support Legal Professionals and Enhance Social Impact

Madrid, Spain – The Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM) has recently announced the restructuring of the ICAM Cortina Foundation, with the aim of furthering social commitment and strengthening their leadership in supporting the legal profession. The relaunched foundation brings a fresh image, enhanced competencies, and a more dynamic structure.

Underpinning the new phase are five key elements: centralization of social activities, professionalization of the management team, expansion of assistance benefits, promotion of volunteerism, and the development of a new web platform to improve member interaction. The board of trustees, led by Eugenio Ribón as president and Ana Buitrago as vice president responsible for the social area of ICAM, represents the diversity of the legal community in Madrid.

The relaunch seeks to have a positive impact on society by collaborating with over 200 beneficiary entities and working on projects alongside more than 1,200 volunteer members each year. Notably, the Foundation has introduced “Bienestar Integral,” a comprehensive well-being program addressing the mental health challenges faced by the legal profession. It provides psychological support, training workshops, executive coaching, and an observatory to assess well-being. In addition, a revamped Senior Club has been established, offering a dedicated space within the association’s headquarters for members aged 60 and above. The club aims to promote dialogue, reflection, and personal well-being through cultural and leisure activities.

In line with the relaunch, the Foundation has adjusted the criteria for its assistance and benefits to reach a larger number of members. This signifies a renewed commitment to the institution’s founding goals, as well as a necessary transformation to meet the evolving needs of members and Madrid society.

Overall, the restructuring of the ICAM Cortina Foundation marks a significant step forward in fulfilling their social objectives and bolstering their role in supporting the legal profession. With a renewed focus on centralization, professionalization, and collaboration, the foundation is poised to make a positive impact on both its members and society as a whole.

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