Third Circuit Court of Appeals Dismisses Johnson & Johnson Affiliate’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case, Highlights Impact on Future Filings

Philadelphia, PA – The Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued a landmark ruling today, dismissing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case filed by Johnson & Johnson affiliate LTL Management LLC. This decision is expected to have far-reaching implications for future bankruptcy filings of a similar nature. The bankruptcy case stemmed from a multi-step divisional merger conducted under Texas law. Following the merger, LTL became responsible for J&J’s talc liabilities, but did not possess any operating assets. In October 2021, LTL filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and sought an injunction from the bankruptcy court to protect J&J … Read more

Understanding the Difference: Torts vs Personal Injury Lawsuits and How They Impact Your Compensation Claim

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin – If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, a dangerous property, or a defective product, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages. As you navigate through the recovery process, you may find yourself questioning whether you have a tort case or a personal injury lawsuit. Differentiating between the two can provide clarity on the necessary steps you should take next. Torts and personal injury lawsuits may share some similarities, but they are distinct concepts. A tort refers to a wrongful act that infringes upon another … Read more

Community Fights Against Proposed Warehouse Near Dallas Church, Concerns Over Environmental and Safety Impact

DALLAS, TX – Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas County is engaged in a legal battle to halt the construction of a 200,000-square-foot warehouse planned by Stonelake Capital Partners. The proposed warehouse would be located near the church property between I-20 and Wheatland Road. The City of Dallas initially rejected the building permit due to concerns over truck routes, but the permit was later granted by a city appeals board. In response, the church filed a lawsuit in December, seeking an injunction to stop the construction temporarily. The dispute between Friendship-West Baptist Church and Stonelake Capital … Read more

ICAM Cortina Foundation Embarks on Bold Restructuring to Support Legal Professionals and Enhance Social Impact

Madrid, Spain – The Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM) has recently announced the restructuring of the ICAM Cortina Foundation, with the aim of furthering social commitment and strengthening their leadership in supporting the legal profession. The relaunched foundation brings a fresh image, enhanced competencies, and a more dynamic structure. Underpinning the new phase are five key elements: centralization of social activities, professionalization of the management team, expansion of assistance benefits, promotion of volunteerism, and the development of a new web platform to improve member interaction. The board of trustees, led by Eugenio Rib√≥n as … Read more