Indiana University Kokomo Brings Engaging Expert Presentations to Community in Third Year of Six Mondays Program

KOKOMO, Ind. – Community members in Kokomo will have the opportunity to engage in informative discussions on a variety of topics, including artificial intelligence, concealed carry laws, and social media use among teenagers. The Six Mondays program, organized by Indiana University Kokomo, the First Friends of Kokomo church, and Howard County Community Supervision, is set to return for its third year. The program aims to bring together experts to share their knowledge and insights with the community.

The first presentation of the series, titled “The Use of Multiple Social Media Accounts by Teenagers: How Friend Groups Manage Authenticity,” will be held on Monday. It will feature lectures by communication arts professors Christopher Darr and Erin Doss from Indiana University Kokomo. This session will delve into the topic of how teenagers navigate the use of multiple social media accounts and the influence of their social circles on their authenticity online.

Another presentation, scheduled for February 26th, will focus on the “Community Supervision’s Impact on the Community.” Howard County Community Supervision Director Dustin DeLong will be delivering this presentation, providing valuable insights into the role of community supervision and its effects on the local community.

On March 4th, Indiana University Kokomo professor Christopher Felts, who specializes in criminal justice and homeland security, will present on “The Impact of Concealed Carry Law Changes.” This session will shed light on the consequences and implications of changes to concealed carry laws.

Magistrate Judge Cheyenne Shepherd will deliver the presentation titled “Pretrial Initiative’s Role in the Criminal Justice System” on March 11th. This session will focus on the significance of pretrial initiatives in the criminal justice system and their impact on the overall legal process.

State Representative Mike Karickhoff, representing Kokomo, is scheduled to present on “Civility in Government” on March 18th. This session will explore the importance of maintaining civility in the political sphere and its impact on governance.

The series will wrap up on March 25th with a presentation by Scott Blackwell, senior lecturer of philosophy at Indiana University Kokomo, titled “Demythologizing Generative Artificial Intelligence.” Blackwell will delve into the concept of generative artificial intelligence, aiming to demystify its implications and applications.

All sessions will take place at Indiana University Kokomo’s Kelley Student Center, located at 2300 S. Washington St., starting at 6 p.m. The presentations are open to the public, offering an opportunity for anyone interested to attend these informative sessions free of charge.

The Rev. Dr. Michael C. Carson, representing First Friends of Kokomo, expressed his excitement for the event’s return in its third year. Carson highlighted the community’s growing enthusiasm for these learning opportunities and emphasized the positive impact they have had on the local community.

In conclusion, the Six Mondays program in Kokomo is set to bring together experts and community members to engage in informative discussions on various topics. With presentations covering artificial intelligence, concealed carry laws, social media use among teenagers, and more, this program offers valuable insights and learning opportunities for the community to benefit from. Attendance is free, and all are welcome to participate in these engaging sessions.