Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Drug Companies Face Lawsuit for Inflating Insulin Prices, Targeting Vulnerable Patients in Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Attorney General of Indiana, Todd Rokita, has filed a lawsuit alleging that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and drug companies have colluded to maintain high insulin prices. Rokita claims that these companies are exploiting vulnerable individuals in need of this vital medication. The lawsuit does not specifically name the drug company Eli Lilly, even though it settled a class-action lawsuit last year over allegations of insulin price fixing for over $13 million. Among the companies named in the lawsuit are Caremark PCS and CVS Healthcorp, both associated with CVS, one of the … Read more

New Indiana Court of Appeals Vacancy Announced as Judge Terry Crone Prepares for Retirement

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission will soon begin accepting applications for a new vacancy on the Indiana Court of Appeals. Following the retirement of Judge Patricia Riley this summer, Judge Terry Crone has announced his plans to retire this fall. Both judges have dedicated nearly 100 years to the legal profession, and their departures create the need for qualified successors. In order to maintain regional representation, the new judge must come from the 20 counties in northern Indiana, just like Crone and Riley. The Indiana Supreme Court expressed its gratitude for their … Read more

Beware of the Terrifying Kidnap-for-Ransom Scam Targeting Parents: Indiana Attorney General Urges Vigilance

A lawyer in Indiana is urging parents to remain vigilant against a brazen cybercrime involving a fake kidnapping scheme. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office has issued a warning about this escalating scam across the state and the United States. Attorney General Todd Rokita emphasizes the need for extra caution among parents whose children are traveling abroad or attending school overseas. According to Rokita, scammers may target unsuspecting parents by obtaining photos of their children in secluded areas or from social media, or by pretending to have kidnapped them. Once the crook sends a photo to … Read more

Increasing Homelessness Crisis in Indiana: Tenants Helplessly Face Retaliation from Landlords

Columbus, Indiana – The state of Indiana is grappling with a severe shortage of affordable housing, causing low-income families to struggle to find suitable accommodation. In Bartholomew County, in particular, the situation has become increasingly dire due to the shortage of affordable housing options and the prevalence of corporate landlords. One of the major concerns facing tenants is the fear of retaliation by landlords. While this form of behavior should be illegal, landlords often find ways to circumvent the law in local courts. For instance, if a tenant files a maintenance request, some landlords resort … Read more