Inside Perspective: Attorney Shares How Representing Polarizing Wrestling Figure Jim Cornette Keeps Him Busy

Lexington, Kentucky – Jim Cornette, a controversial figure in the world of wrestling due to his podcast comments, is represented by attorney Stephen P. New. In an interview on the Wrestling with Rip Rogers podcast, New shed light on the challenges he faces while representing Cornette and the extensive legal workload that comes with it.

According to New, being Cornette’s lawyer means constantly dealing with offended parties seeking legal action against him. However, it goes beyond that. Cornette possesses a sharp business acumen, and New frequently engages with him on various ideas and strategies to protect his interests.

The wrestling industry has long been a hotbed of controversy, and Jim Cornette is no stranger to it. Over the years, he has made comments on his podcast that have sparked outrage among fans, fellow wrestlers, and wrestling organizations alike. As his attorney, New is tasked with not only handling the legal repercussions but also providing advice on how to safeguard Cornette’s reputation and ventures.

A lawyer’s role extends beyond defending their clients in court. New discusses how he regularly collaborates with Cornette to navigate the complex web of legalities and protect his business interests. This partnership involves exploring innovative ideas, implementing effective safeguards, and ensuring that Cornette’s endeavors comply with legal standards.

Keeping up with the diverse legal challenges associated with Cornette’s persona requires New to be constantly busy. Every offensive comment or controversial statement attracts attention and potential legal consequences. New’s representation plays an essential role in safeguarding Cornette’s interests and helping him navigate the intricate world of wrestling.

Despite the controversies surrounding Cornette, it is important to recognize his entrepreneurial mindset and the creativity he brings to the table. New emphasizes the importance of understanding Cornette’s aspirations and goals, working together on strategies to bring his ideas to fruition while minimizing legal risks.

In the wrestling industry, where image and perception are crucial, the role of an attorney extends far beyond conventional legal services. Stephen P. New exemplifies this by providing comprehensive support to Jim Cornette, addressing both legal challenges and strategic decision-making. Through this symbiotic lawyer-client relationship, New not only defends Cornette but also guides him on a path to protect his reputation and capitalize on his business acumen.