Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Attempted Murder Case After Attorney Challenges Probable Cause

Jackson, Mississippi – A man facing trial for the attempted murder of a police officer in Jackson will remain in custody, as his lawyer’s attempt to have the case dismissed was unsuccessful. Attorney Kevin Camp, representing Chauncey Reed, argued that the traffic stop which resulted in a shootout between Reed, his brother Eliot, and Officer Michael Tarrio lacked probable cause. Unfortunately, Eliot Reed lost his life during the incident.

Camp contended that Tarrio’s inability to testify about the specific details, including the stop itself, due to his death in an unrelated incident in 2022, undermined the prosecution’s case. Nevertheless, Hinds County Circuit Judge Adrienne Wooten disagreed, stating that surveillance video from the scene clearly indicated probable cause for the stop and justified Tarrio drawing his weapon.

Reed was subsequently indicted by a Hinds County grand jury on charges of first-degree murder for causing his brother’s death and attempted murder for shooting Officer Tarrio. The trial has been scheduled for February 5.

Despite Camp’s efforts, the judge’s decision to deny the motion to dismiss has prolonged Reed’s incarceration and ensures a criminal trial will proceed. The defense’s argument regarding the validity of the traffic stop, without the deceased officer’s testimony, was ultimately unpersuasive.

The case raises questions about the reliance on surveillance video and its effectiveness in supporting a justified traffic stop. Furthermore, the tragedy underscores the risks faced by law enforcement officers daily, as they encounter potentially dangerous situations during routine duties.

As the trial date approaches, the court will examine the evidence and hear testimonies from witnesses in order to determine Reed’s guilt or innocence in the attempted murder of Officer Tarrio and the death of his own brother.

In summary, Chauncey Reed, accused of the first-degree murder of his brother and the attempted murder of a police officer, will remain in custody after his lawyer’s motion to dismiss was denied. The trial is scheduled for February 5.