Defendant Responds to Bonfire Explosion Lawsuit: Denies Most Allegations, Leaving Plaintiff’s Case in Question

MAPLE GROVE, Wisconsin — The first defendant in the lawsuit filed after a bonfire explosion in Shawano County has responded to the allegations, denying all but one of them. Tyler Frisch, in his response to the complaint, admitted to being asked to assist with moving a container of fuel near the bonfire. However, he stated that he lacked the knowledge or information to form a belief on the remaining allegations. Frisch and his insurance company are requesting that the case be dismissed or proceed to a jury trial.

The responses filed by Frisch also included several affirmative defenses. One such defense argues that the alleged damages could have been caused by third parties or entities for which the defendants cannot be held liable. Another defense suggests that the plaintiff may have failed to exercise due care for his own safety, leading to his injuries. However, the other defendants, Allan Eron and Samuel Armstrong, have not yet responded to the lawsuits.

No court dates have been scheduled at this time. Armstrong, the only defendant facing charges in adult criminal court, is scheduled for a plea hearing on February 5. The criminal complaint states that police were called to the scene on Cedar Drive on October 14, 2022, after multiple teenagers were admitted to local hospitals following the explosion.

According to witness accounts detailed in the complaint, Armstrong was repeatedly asked to throw a barrel into the fire by someone at the house. After finally being told to “just do it,” Armstrong threw the barrel onto the fire, causing an immediate eruption of flames and resulting in multiple burn injuries. The Shawano County Sheriff’s Department has reported that at least 17 teens out of approximately 60 present at the bonfire suffered burn injuries.

In conclusion, the first defendant in the bonfire explosion lawsuit has denied all but one of the allegations against him. Frisch’s response includes affirmative defenses and a request for dismissal or a jury trial. The other defendants have yet to respond, and no court dates have been set. The criminal case against Armstrong, the only defendant facing charges, will proceed with a plea hearing on February 5. Multiple teenagers suffered burn injuries in the explosion that took place in Maple Grove on October 14, 2022.