Judge Orders Change of Venue for Shawnee Krall Murder Trial Amidst Publicity and Evidence Controversy

MINOT, ND – Shawnee Krall, who was set to stand trial for the murder of his former roommate Alice Quierolo, will now face a change of venue due to the extensive publicity surrounding the case. After two days of jury selection in Minot, the judge made the decision to move the trial elsewhere. The change was prompted by concerns over potential bias from the local media coverage.

In 2020, police discovered Quierolo’s body in a car that was reportedly stored on an acquaintance’s property by Krall. However, the car and the body were excluded as evidence in the case because the North Dakota Supreme Court determined that the police had conducted the search without a warrant.

Krall’s lawyer, the ninth attorney to represent him since his arrest three years ago, argued that the local media coverage and the exclusion of crucial evidence against Krall were highly prejudicial. The defense believed that the coverage would influence potential jurors and jeopardize a fair trial.

Jury selection was scheduled to resume on Wednesday, with an additional jury pool expected to participate in hopes of mitigating the defense’s concerns. However, the judge ultimately ruled for a change of venue, recognizing the potential bias that could arise from the intense media coverage in Minot.

The new location for Krall’s trial has not yet been determined, but it is likely to be in either Cass or Burleigh County. The change of venue aims to ensure a fair trial for Krall, free from the influence of local media and the preconceived notions that may have developed as a result.

With the change of venue, Shawnee Krall’s trial in the murder of Alice Quierolo will no longer take place in Minot, ND. The decision was made due to concerns about potential bias resulting from local media coverage. The North Dakota Supreme Court’s ruling to exclude key evidence further complicates the case. As the trial moves to a new location, Krall’s defense hopes for a fair trial untainted by public opinion. The specifics of the new venue are yet to be determined, but the pursuit of justice for Quierolo remains at the forefront.