Widower Alleges Johnson & Johnson Concealed Evidence of Baby Powder’s Cancer Risk

MIAMI (AP) — Johnson & Johnson is facing allegations that it ignored evidence linking its baby powder to ovarian cancer and continued to promote its safety. The pharmaceutical giant chose to “deny, deny, deny” the potential risks associated with its iconic product, according to an attorney representing the widower of a woman who died from ovarian cancer after using the powder. The case, which is scheduled to go to trial next week in Miami, Florida, raises significant questions about the ethical conduct of Johnson & Johnson and its marketing practices. The widower’s attorney argues that … Read more

D.C. Federal Judge Upholds Law Allowing Noncitizens to Vote in Local Elections, Ruling Lawsuit Lacks Evidence of Rights Violations

WASHINGTON (AP) – A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has dismissed a lawsuit that challenged a local law allowing noncitizens to vote in municipal elections. In her ruling, Judge Amy Berman Jackson stated that the plaintiffs did not provide sufficient evidence to prove that the law violated their constitutional rights. The lawsuit was filed by a group of seven U.S. citizens who are registered to vote in the District of Columbia. They argued that the city’s “Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022” infringed upon their Fifth Amendment rights. However, Judge Jackson determined that … Read more

30-Year Cold Case Finally Solved: Jury Selection Begins for Teacher’s Murder with New DNA Evidence

BEAUMONT, Texas — Jury selection has commenced in the trial of Clayton Foreman, a 63-year-old man from Reynoldsburgh, Ohio, who stands accused of the murder of Beaumont teacher Mary Cathine Edwards three decades ago. The case remained unsolved for a significant period until new DNA evidence emerged, leading to Foreman’s arrest. The murder of the beloved teacher had left authorities perplexed for a long time since her body was discovered in her home on January 14, 1995. Initial investigations determined that Edwards had been the victim of a homicide, prompting the collection of evidence at … Read more

San Diego’s Shocking Civil Rights Lawsuit: Violent Police Abuse, Withheld Evidence, and a Costly Battle

San Diego, California – The case of Mickail Myles against the County of San Diego has emerged as one of the most shocking and costly lawsuits in the county’s history. The incident began with a routine traffic stop ten years ago and escalated into allegations of excessive force, racial bias, and a lack of accountability within the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. Myles, who is Black, was pulled over, handcuffed, and beaten by a sheriff’s deputy. The same deputy then unleashed his police dog on Myles, despite other deputies testifying that Myles had been cooperating. In … Read more