Court Overturns $11 Million Verdict for Texas Spine Doctor, Citing Lack of Evidence in Confidential Files Case

COLLIN COUNTY, Texas — A state appellate court has nullified an almost $11 million award for damages that a jury had granted to Dr. Stephen Courtney, a spine specialist based in Plano. In a surprising turn of events, the Dallas’ Fifth Court of Appeals ruled against the originally awarded sum, concluding that the defendants, Dallas attorney Kelly Liebbe and Jonathan Rute, should not be held financially responsible. The litigation’s origins traced back to allegations that Liebbe and Rute improperly acquired around 1,500 of Dr. Courtney’s confidential patient files. According to the spine doctor, they utilized … Read more

St. Louis Bar Owner’s Legal Battle Intensifies as Attorney Claims Prosecutorial Misconduct Over Withheld Evidence

ST. LOUIS — The legal battle surrounding Chad Morris, a local bar owner, has intensified this week as his attorney sought sanctions against the St. and Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office over what he claims is a failure to disclose vital evidence. The dispute stems from an incident last December at Bar:PM, a popular establishment in the South Broadway area, which culminated in the controversial arrest of Morris following a confrontation with police. According to court documents, James Wyrsch, Morris’ lawyer, has accused the circuit attorney’s office, led by Gabe Gore, of withholding information crucial to … Read more

Judge Dismisses Case in Cinematographer’s On-Set Death Amid Evidence Withholding Scandal; Family and Legal Team Express Outrage

Santa Fe, New Mexico – A legal chapter closed recently when Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer dismissed charges in a high-profile case following revelations that key evidence about the source of the live ammunition in a fatal shooting on a movie set hadn’t been disclosed by prosecutors and police. The case involved an incident that tragically cut short the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The abrupt dismissal has brought a wave of emotions and significant upset among Hutchins’ family and their representatives. The evidence in question deeply impacts their pursuit of justice and understanding of the … Read more

Alec Baldwin’s Involuntary Manslaughter Case Dismissed Over Hidden Evidence

SANTA FE, N.M. — In a shocking development, the involuntary manslaughter trial of actor Alec Baldwin was abruptly halted Friday when a judge ruled in favor of dismissing the case. The decision came after Baldwin’s defense team argued that crucial evidence had been improperly withheld by prosecutors, prompting the court to find no other viable option but to terminate the proceedings. First Judicial District Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer stated that the dismissal would be with prejudice, preventing the case from being refiled against Baldwin. This dramatic turn of events unfolded in the courtroom, leaving Baldwin … Read more