Kurdish Journalist Suleiman Ahmed: Kidnapped and Held in Custody, Lawyers Face Obstacles in Obtaining Information and Access

DOHUK, Kurdistan Region – Journalist Suleiman Ahmed, who was abducted by authorities from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, has been subjected to false and baseless charges, according to one of his lawyers. The lawyer emphasized that Suleiman had entered and returned from Rojava with official documents, as well as possessing official residency in southern Kurdistan. Before his kidnapping, he had no legal issues.

Since Suleiman’s abduction, a team of lawyers has been formed to review his case. The lawyers attempted to meet with the Asayish of Dohuk, but were denied access to their client. The Asayish claimed that Suleiman was not in their custody, despite the testimony of released prisoners who stated otherwise.

Permission was obtained from a judge to meet with Suleiman, open a file, and hire lawyers on his behalf. However, the lawyers faced pressure and obstruction throughout the process. Despite multiple visits, the Asayish of Dohuk refused to allow a meeting, in violation of the law which grants detainees the right to meet with their lawyers within 24 hours of arrest.

Efforts to secure access to Suleiman have extended beyond legal avenues. The lawyers have reached out to international bodies and the United Nations to exert pressure on the Kurdistan Regional Government to facilitate the meeting.

In summary, journalist Suleiman’s whereabouts remain unknown, and the actions of the Asayish of Dohuk are being criticized as illegal and in violation of international conventions. The Kurdistan Democratic Party authorities have continued to withhold information about Suleiman, even after more than two months since his kidnapping, despite appeals from media organizations and humanitarian bodies.