Repealing Certificate of Need Laws: The Impact on Healthcare Access and Hospital Closures Revealed

Franklin, Tennessee – A recent opinion piece by Wendy Long argues against the repeal of Certificate of Need (CON) laws in Tennessee, claiming that it would lead to decreased access to healthcare. However, evidence suggests that repealing CON laws can actually increase accessibility. Under CON laws, healthcare facilities face barriers to opening or expanding, hindering competition and limiting options for patients. Long and other CON law proponents assert that hospitals will close without the protection of CON laws, as new facilities could attract privately insured patients and leave existing hospitals with only uninsured or under-insured … Read more

BitMEX Co-Founder’s ‘God Access’ Trading Desk Under Legal Scrutiny: Judge Orders Suit to Proceed

Wilmington, Delaware – The co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, has been ordered by a judge to defend himself in a lawsuit over allegations of facilitating illicit trading activities. The lawsuit accuses Hayes and his colleagues of creating a “God Access” trading desk that provided unfair advantage to certain users. The ruling comes after a federal judge in Delaware denied Hayes’ motion to dismiss the case. The judge stated that the plaintiffs had presented sufficient evidence to move forward with their claims. The lawsuit was filed by BMA LLC, a former client of BitMEX, … Read more

Judge Dismisses Excessive-Force Lawsuit Involving Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

BISMARCK, N.D. – A federal judge in North Dakota has dismissed an excessive-force lawsuit filed by a woman from New York who was injured in an explosion during protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline. U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Traynor granted motions to dismiss the 2018 lawsuit on Wednesday and Friday. Sophia Wilansky, the plaintiff, suffered injuries to her left forearm when an explosive munition or flashbang went off during a clash between demonstrators and law enforcement officers on a blocked highway bridge in November 2016. The lawsuit named Morton County, its sheriff, and … Read more

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Conservative Group, Demanding Access to Voter Rolls for Database Expansion

Santa Fe, New Mexico – A federal judge has issued a ruling stating that New Mexico election officials violated the National Voter Registration Act by refusing to provide voter rolls to a conservative group and its public online database. U.S. District Court Judge James Browning’s decision largely favors the Voter Reference Foundation, which seeks to expand a free database of registered voters to allow other organizations and individuals to search for potential fraud. However, critics argue that making voter lists widely available could expose sensitive information to bad actors or potentially disenfranchise voters through intimidation … Read more